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  • Watch the Philippe TOUR’s press conference in Shanghai and some testimonials

  • SAIC MG promotes the incredible infotainment software solution: ARKAMYS 3D sound system in the MG GS

    ARKAMYS 3D sound system in MG GS. Immerse you in the sound

    Watch the video !



  • JOIN ARKAMYS at the OPEN AUTOMOTIVE’ 15 – April 21 and 22 in Stuttgart


    Meet ARKAMYS in Stuttgart at the OPEN AUTOMOTIVE’15 presented by our partner the GENIVI ALLIANCE.

    Presented by the GENIVI Alliance and sponsored by Intel, OPEN Automotive ‘15 – Stuttgart will explore, along with carmakers, leading suppliers, developers, automotive consortia and industry analysts, “Cyber Security – Protecting the Connected Vehicle. »

    You will discover our software and services in sound enhancement and infotainment in Automotive industry during the Demonstration Showcase – April 22, 17:30-20:00 at the Maritim Hotel, in Stuttgart – Germany.

    Network with key stakeholders and view 40+ demonstrations
    and vehicles on display.

    Enjoy the latest audio software innovations and technologies such as ARKAMYS MOOD [SoundStage with ambiences] and 3D Audio and video virtual reality demo with oculus and headphones.

    openautomotive 15 - GENIVI and ARKAMYS

    Information about Open Automotive15′

    Clic here to register

    Settle appointment with ARKAMYS on April 21 or 22


  • Discover our Newsletter – ARKAMYS in China


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  • ARKAMYS extends its global presence : a third branch in Asia in Shanghai – China


    End of 2014: ARKAMYS launched a third office in Asia, in Shanghai – China.

    Getting closer to our customers and partners is key for our long term shared success in our three main domains. Automotive, mobile devices and home entertainment are demanding markets and being able to bring strong, accurate and timely support is a great strength.

    China is an exciting market in permanent movement and ARKAMYS is now ready to breaks into it !
    ARKAMYS offices in: France, Japan, South Korea, China and USA.
    Contact our Chinese branch



  • ARKAMYS OptimSpeaker embedded in IDOL 3, the latest TCL communication/ ALCATEL ONETOUCH® smartphone.


    ALCATEL ONETOUCH and ARKAMYS are collaborating to give great sound on music contents from tiny speakers for more than 2 years! ARKAMYS provides also ambiences associated to musical contents in headphones. Available also in next the ALCATEL ONETOUCH® IDOL 3.

    OptimSpeaker is embedded in several millions devices worldwide!

    Device miniaturization is a challenge for mobile phone makers to supply nice products with good sound rendering. The ARKAMYS’ OptimSpeaker solution is embedded in ALCATEL ONETOUCH IDOL & Hero families since 2013.

    Thanks to its pure Software solution, ARKAMYS is able to exalt the speaker rendering of the ALCATEL ONETOUCH products by optimizing all the multimedia streams.

    Louder sound, higher clarity, better bass performances, let’s try this Hi-fi audio quality!

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  • SoundStage embedded in Premium Chinese cars DS


    ChangAn-PSA JV and ARKAMYS are  Collaborating to offer premium audio quality by combining software solution and tuning services.

    The ARKAMYS’ SoundStage solution is embedded in DS6 and DS5 car model.

    The SoundStage solution spatializes your sound  to deliver an immersive listening experience wherever your position in the vehicle This software and lightweight based solution includes dedicated tuning with ARKAMYS’ Golden Ears team.

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  • Customer Testimonial – DESAY SV


    « ARKAMYS offers unique value propositions to DESAY SV and the Chinese market. They have a very special and high value added approach in the domain of software sound enhancement and tuning in the automotive industry. This provides us with an advantage, as we are working with our customers who have chosen ARKAMYS as a credible sound enhancement expert and technology provider. Combined with French creativity, ARKAMYS offers a palette of interesting system solutions. With their customer centric attitude, they perform to their best to provide the solution expected and they are a supplier DESAY SV can rely on.

     We have chosen ARKAMYS SoundStage and tuning to be included in our next generation of DSP-based radio platform. Their ability to expand to other possible features such as Echo Cancellation make it easier for us to choose the technology provider in this area. We are confident that we will be able to bring benefits to our OEM customers with the excellent support from ARKAMYS. »

    Azmoon Ahmad

    DESAY – General Manger BU Radio&Navigation


  • Customer Testimonial – SAIC with MG GS


    China has world’s biggest automotive market. Building a team in China is a promising and prospective opportunity for ARKAMYS. ARKAMYS professional technology and innovation ability can embrace a big market. Meanwhile, local team can help to better understand the requirements from Chinese customers and thus adapt your product to this market.

    MG GS adopts SoundStage audio effect solution. We hope to use more advanced ARKAMYS audio solution in the future.

    It is undoubted that ARKAMYS is a professional player in the audio segment. This is what we care before identifying a partner. Now the Chinese automotive consumers are becoming young and diversified. This means they expect more functions and better experience, especially in the infotainment field. ARKAMYS audio processing can enhance the 3D surround sound effect in the vehicle. This gives end user a more comfortable experience like a mobile concert hall. Again, ARKAMYS brand can convey the high end HIFI quality image to the consumers. In addition, the end users of MG GS can feel our effort to meet their requirement with this intimate experience.

    China has world’s biggest automotive market. Building a team in China is a promising and prospective opportunity for ARKAMYS. ARKAMYS professional technology and innovation ability can embrace a big market. Meanwhile, local team can help to better understand the requirements from Chinese customers and thus adapt your product to this market.

    MG GS adopts ARKAMYS SoundStage, audio effects solution. We hope to use more advanced ARKAMYS audio solutions in the future.3

    Lu Xun – Product Planning – SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle Co.



  • Customer Testimonial – HSAE


    « From the Hangsheng point of view it’s important to work with a partner like ARKAMYS in China. It’s easier to have technical support from ARKAMYS located in Shanghai.

    We have a very good feedback from our customers about the Sound Staging solution and tuning implemented on our platforms and we’re intending to expand this solution on our middle and high platforms.

    The infotainment Chinese market pays more attention on the sound quality. This ARKAMYS software solutions used in our platform is a strength to face up to the competition. »

    HANGSHENG – Jie Yu – General Manager

    hsae logo

  • Customer Testimonial – CAPSA


    « The settlement of ARKAMYS in China is an excellent operation because that will allow a promising development in this big developing market. The innovative spirit of ARKAMYS will find the resources in this country and ARKAMYS will satisfy better the Chinese customers with the advanced and more locally adapted technology.

    We choose to work with the Sound Staging for the moment, maybe later other service like speech or others …

    The reasons of our choice are:

    -Lightweight solution ( no hardware based and low energy consumption) to create different sound stages

    -Good user experience ( users can choose different sound stage according their preference and also customize with this software)

    -Image benefit( The premium HIFI system in vehicle can work together with this software, to maximize the sound effect in vehicle, which convey a premium image to our customers) »

    CAPSA/BD&S (Business Development and Strategy) – Shuichu YANG




  • ARKAMYS Mood available on Freescale i.MX6 – experience it at the MWC 2015!


    SoundStage Mood: Automotive audio excellence developed by ARKAMYS and powered by the Freescale i.MX 6 platform.

    Discover it at MWC 2015 Hall7 at Freescale booth 7A80.


    The latest sound staging software solution, Mood, which overcomes mobile audio limitations, is now available on Freescale i.MX 6.

    SoundStage Mood offers a noticeable improvement in sound quality and a fully immersive experience. Mood improves the clarity and the spaciousness of the sound, while respecting its original timber.

    ARKAMYS is proud to have the audio excellence of Mood running on the i.MX 6 platform.

    With an innovative ambience management system, this new approach to sound creates an immersive experience via a set of three predefined sound ambiences.

    FlyersARKAMYS-Freescale-MOOD solution

  • Happy Goat Year from ARKAMYS in Shanghai!

    ARKAMYS in Chinese

    Best wishes and Happy New Year!

    ARKAMYS team is pleased to announce

    the creation of a LinkedIn page dedicated to its Chinese activities.

    For this special occasion, ARKAMYS unveils its name in Chinese…

    Follow ARKAMYS in China on LinkedIn


  • ARKAMYS unveiled an audio virtual reality project at CES 2015


    Discover ARKAMYS’ story about the immersive 360° Audio and Video demo unveiled at CES 2015. Lucky people enjoyed this demo with an oculus and a headset to hear 3D sound combined with a 360° video. This ARKAMYS 3D sound technology allows the virtual positioning of moving or fixed sounds around you.

    ARKAMYS has been working on 3D sound for 15 years to optimize sound rendering over headsets or speakers.

    You can find our applications and know-how in consumer electronics products – phones & tablets, in automotive or military fields… More than 20 million devices are equipped with ARKAMYS solutions.

    Contact ARKAMYS

  • Press Review [FR]- ARKAMYS and CES 2015 on


    Discover this french article from Olivier Ezratti.

    CES 2015: ce qu’il faut retenir du grand show de l’électronique

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  • Press Review – The Verge – Virtual reality at CES in Las Vegas.


    Discover Virtual Reality in CES… ARKAMYS was part of it.

    360° Audio and video demo with an oculus and a headset…

    Read more…

  • Press Review – ABT TV news – Audio Virtual reality at CES 2015


    Discover the interview of our Senior Product Manager during the Unveiled at CES 2015 in Vegas about audio virtual reality



  • Press Review L’express – Arkamys settled in China


    Discover some reasons why ARKAMYS opened an office in Shanghai in October 2014.

    Read the French article

  • Music Classifier Demo : You love Chicago Blues? Then listen to traditional Asian songs!


    There are unbelievable similarities between songs coming from the other side of the planet.

    ARKAMYS breaks the music genre rules with the music classifier software. On a world map picture you choose to listen to music from a country: North America for example. The ARKAMYS software shows a list of songs. After you have selected the one you preferred, you switch to another location. Let’s try Asia.

    And … The magic happens. The ARKAMYS technology is able to find, in real time, the track that sounds like your favorite American song. Incredible!

    ARKAMYS’ solution analyzes, in detail, the sound characteristics to define the track DNAs. The song can be stored in your mobile phone, your computer or as audio streams provider.

    By comparing the track signature, similar songs are grouped together.

    Discover, on the other side of the world, songs you like without knowing them.

  • A third settlement in Asia : ARKAMYS is celebrating its Chinese branch opening


    After one year presence in China, creating a strong partnership with local companies, ARKAMYS settled in Shanghai. Thus ARKAMYS is strengthening its worldwide presence on this continent after Japan and Korea, to meet its customers’expectations as fully as possible.  The Chinese opening ceremony took place on 22nd October with the participation of UBIFrance.

    The company has developed the Sound Staging software to optimize in-car sound experience without having to modify hardware structure. Sound Staging has already been implemented within major automotive brand products, in Europe and China.

    ARKAMYS will soon introduce OptimSpeaker family products to Chinese market.

    OptimSpeaker is a large portfolio of audio software libraries that improve the sound quality of mobile phones in order to listen to music, watch videos or play games, using headphones or speakers output.

     Contact Arkamys in Shanghai

  • October 2014 : Axelle Lemaire rewarded ARKAMYS as Champion 2014 of the Systematic cluster


    The Systematic Paris-Region Cluster brought to light the ARKAMYS’ worldwide dynamism and growth on automotive, mobile and home entertainment markets, during its 6th event “Journée Ambition PME”.



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    DVD/Video: The release of the complete Tex Avery series is due this month.
    WARNER asked Arkamys to make a clean sweep of the old mono soundtracks.
    Hélène CHARTIER, Head of Trading Partners & Purchases, declares: “The team at Arkamys was present at our side all along the production process, from the first advice to the delivery of the new soundtracks. The result is simply amazing!”

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