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CITROËN C4 sound spatialisation technology by Arkamys

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Arkamys is developing new sound spatialisation technology which offers exceptional listening comfort inside cars. In order to meet demands from its tailor-made-seeking customers, CITROËN has just chosen this solution to equip the new C4.

Arkamys technology improves acoustic performance inside cars while guaranteeing listening customisation. With sound spatialisation, one can position the “sound stage” to face the driver or all passengers for better listening comfort. The produced sound features greater tone fidelity, more powerful bass and a better dispersion throughout the interior.

To obtain such unprecedented listening pleasure, Arkamys has combined an acoustic correction system with the intervention of a sound engineer to fine-tune the settings. The acoustic correction system uses digital sound processing. It corrects any imperfections caused by physical limitations in the speakers and by constraints within the interior. It restores all of the sound’s fullness and clarity.
Nicknamed “Golden Ear”, the engineer then combines his technical know-how with his perceptive skills to guarantee the best possible sound reproduction. Music and voice are harmoniously balanced inside the vehicle.

Arkamys technology now offers the possibility of travelling within a peaceful, stress-free ambience and this, whatever the driving conditions.

About Arkamys:

An acknowledged leader in innovative audio solutions, Arkamys provides software and audio services for the consumer electronics (smartphones, audio/video players, TVs, etc.) and automotive markets.


In 2010, dynamic, creative brand CITROËN launched the DS3, the first model in its distinctive range. On the strength of 90 years of “Créative Technologie”, CITROËN provided material answers to environmental issues when it released two electric vehicles in 2010, as well as bringing Stop & Start into general use. CITROËN boasts 8,000 customer contact locations and 13,500 employees; it is established in 82 countries and it has sold 1,346,000 vehicles in 2009.