About Arkamys

Recognized leader in audio enhancement and spatialization technologies, Arkamys provides digital audio software and services for professional entertainment, digital content companies and for the consumer electronics industry including mobile phones, multimedia players, car audio and home theaters.

Arkamys software is the result of several years of research and development in the field of audio techniques. The first applications took place in the professional entertainment industry, mastering music and cinema sound tracks. Thanks to the team effort, Arkamys was able to settle and refine the process that will suit specific effects such as depth, enlargement, and sound source localization. Today this professional technology is implemented on consumer electronics products to enhance their performances.

Arkamys is more than a simple « software provider ». We can help you through the industrial process of integrating professional sound techniques into your products. Arkamys experience across the entire industrial chain including semiconductors manufacturers, consumer electronics companies and industrials such as car makers allows us to reduce development cycles while ensuring that we achieve the highest level of expectations.

Implementation and fine tuning on pre-series is supported by Arkamys Sound Adjustment Tool (SAT), the company’s productivity software that allows fine tuning of audio effects in real time, avoiding the need for tedious scripts, and minimizing pre-series tuning time.

Learn more on Arkamys’ solutions and expertise and see how we can help you to improve your clients’ listening experience.

- Portable devices : ImmerseU
- In car : Sound Staging
- Professional Sound Lab : Upmix5


Arkamys is also involved in research, collaborating with labs such as The Computer Sciences Laboratory for Mechanics and Engineering Sciences (LIMSI).
The "Listen with your own ears" project involves generating a personalised three-dimensional sound, using any type of headphone, for portable media devices such as mobile phones or mp3 players. With this latest technology Arkamys will take listening comfort to new heights.