Arkamys provides digital audio software and services for professional entertainment, digital content companies and for the consumer electronics industry including mobile phones, MP3 players, car audio, home theaters...
Automotive Solutions
“Enjoy a personalized sound whatever the car segment”

Sound Staging, Arkamys’ in-car solution, allows passengers to access a new experience of listening in a car. By processing the audio samples without changing the loudspeakers setups, Sound Staging provides for each listener a wide and lifted sound scene with audio enhancements and effects.
Now, in a car cabin, on top of the pleasure of driving, there is also the pleasure of listening to music thanks to our many years of expertise in embedded audio.

Applications: in-car sound systems

Find out more on our dedicated "Audio Positioning Sound Staging" productsheet.

“Experience a pure hands-free communication wherever you are”

As a complete voice enhancement embedded software, ClearSpeech provides the best hands-free speech communication quality in car environment.
ClearSpeech enables voice communication with more clarity and less surrounding noise.

Applications: In-car communication.

Find out more on our dedicated "ClearSpeech Automotive' productsheet.
Mobile devices Solutions
“Experience an immersive and innovative audio experience on your mobile device”

As an interactive and high immersive audio solution, Mobisound enables mobile device manufacturers to differentiate through an unprecedented listening experience with simplified audio management, acoustic compensation and advanced audio effects.

Applications: music, gaming, movie

Find out more on our dedicated "MobiSound" productsheet.

“Get the best audio power out of your speakers”

With OptimSpeaker, Arkamys helps manufacturers to overcome the audio challenges of nomad devices: thin and built-in speakers, non-optimal positioning of these speakers.
This powerful solution boosts and enhances the overall audio experiment of your portable device, while protecting the speakers.

Applications: mobile devices, headphone, portable speakers

Find out more on our dedicated "OptimSpeaker" productsheet.

“Experience a pure hands-free communication wherever you are”

ClearSpeech provides a high quality speech communication in noisy environments for mobile phone and headset.
Enjoy your voice communications with more clarity, more intelligibility and less surrounding noise.

Applications: Mobile phone, Bluetooth headset.

Find out more on our dedicated "ClearSpeech Mobile" productsheet.
Home Entertainment Solutions
“Get a truly immersive experience on your home devices, live your Multimedia and Games more intensely thanks to our Home solutions.”

Feel the sound comfort of a high end audio system with your original home devices, from standard stereo TV set to multichannel home theatre.
Arkamys makes it possible thanks to our full range of acoustic compensation and audio effects software solutions, and our global audio and fine tuning expertise.

Applications: TV & DVD, Gaming, Sound Bar.

Find out more on our dedicated "Arkamys Home" productsheet.
Professional Sound Services
A multidisciplinary team including audio DSP software engineers, acousticians and professional sound mixers work to create innovative sound solutions that optimize the listening experience on existing equipment and to create new products and services.

Arkamys is your best partner ans allows you to have control over the entire audio chain (Acoustic studies, Digital chain studies, Algorithm porting, Audio chain integration, audio demo specifications, ...)

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