Arkamys ARKAMYS: A History

From movie mastering to multimedia sound spatialization...

Origins Exciting Beginnings in Music and Movies


ARKAMYS researched, created and then patented a process for sound spatialization. This specialized system enhanced the sound quality for a number of digital media forms such as music and films. Big name movies like Subway, Dirty Dancing, and Bagdad Café were mastered using this patented advancement.


The original ARKAMYS team was comprised of acoustic researchers, sound engineers, and composers who called the legendary Château d’Hérouville their home. Influential directors, like Jean-Pierre Jeunet, talked publicly about advantages of working with ARKAMYS. In the end, over 200 films were created with the help of the ARKAMYS spatialization process.

Evolution From the Big Screen to the Consumer Electronics industry


ARKAMYS left the Château d’Hérouville, where their audio spatialization process had been born, and moved to Paris where they began to take their research and expertise beyond movies. ARKAMYS also began collaborating with world-renown partners like IRCAM to further advance their investigations into improving listening experiences. ARKAMYS sought to improve sound for headphones, speakers, multimedia devices, and digital content in order to achieve their goal of making sound as realistic and enjoyable as possible.


In the years that followed, ARKAMYS began applying this cutting-edge R&D to new realms including the home entertainment market, the automotive industry, as well as mobile devices and products. ARKAMYS partnered with Sagem mobile phones, Air France, and Renault to give users high quality sound experiences on the go and in the air. ARKAMYS continued to create easily embedded software that enhances all types of audio experiences. Their experts used their passion for audio to find ways to enhance the audio quality rendering in vehicles and mobile devices and to increase safety and comfort of car rides with sound alerts in the car cabins.

Today Global Leader for Quality Sound


ARKAMYS has worked jointly with an ever-increasing number of clients and partners at an international level. Large international companies such as Samsung Mobile, Nokia, NXP, Sony Ericsson, Nissan, General Motors, Groupe PSA, Hyundai Kia Motors, Thales, LG Electronics, Daewoo IS, Mobis, and TCL. These industry leaders rely on ARKAMYS’ sound spatialization technology.


ARKAMYS has also been one of the early pioneers creating 360 audio for virtual reality with software solutions that use HRTF, advanced 3D audio, and sound spatialization to give the most immersive experience possible on all types of VR headsets and devices. Their solutions are already integrated into the leading VR devices with more hitting the market soon.


ARKAMYS has a worldwide presence with its headquarters in Paris, France and offices in China, Japan, Korea and USA. ARKAMYS also holds over 60 patents for audio advancements.With a history of providing audio excellence, ARKAMYS is passionate about bringing crystal clear, natural, and immersive sound to every project.