ARKAMYS 3D-ADAS – The Advanced Driver Alert Sounds system!

Want to know more about how ARKAMYS 3D-ADAS solution can help increasing awareness on road and make the right decision in potentially dangerous situations? Read the following document.

Posted 07/12/2016 on The future of sound

ARKAMYS 3D – ADAS solution is aiming to prevent the drivers from potential danger by increasing his/her awareness by 3D sound on top of visual, auditory and mechanical tools.

Spatialized alert sounds are considered as a Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) on its own. By indicating what is the danger, how far it is from the driver, from where it comes from or it’s heading, 3D-ADAS succeeds in reducing driver’s cognitive load and increases driver’s awareness, and therefore the driver takes the necessary action for driving.


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