ARKAMYS’ audio software embedded in the new MG ZS

MG has launched the last compact SUV ZS for the Chinese market on March 3, with ARKAMYS' audio software inside.

Posted 03/17/2017 on The future of sound

MG has launched the last  ZS for the Chinese market on March 3 with ARKAMYS’ audio technology.


MG, owned by SAIC Motor, the largest vehicle manufacturer in China, who has already chosen ARKAMYS’ audio solutions for the internet car MG GS, adopted once again the SoundStage solution for its new compact SUV ZS.

This new MG ZS is aimed to the young people, and is designed with specific features such as an intelligent internet system*, a natural semantic technology that allows voice command operation of various functions, like opening the rooftop, or playing music, that will be enhanced thanks to the ARKAMYS’ audio solution embedded.

ARKAMYS’ SoundStage audio spatialization software is integrated in the In-Vehicle Infotainment system and benefits of a dedicated tuning performed by ARKAMYS Golden Ears on the 6 built-in speakers of this car. This audio technology elevates the sound within the car cabin and provides its best music experience to the Z Generation’s pleasure!

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* Another internet car with ARKAMYS_Inside: ROEWE RX5

New MG ZS with ARKAMYS’ SoundStage audio software