ARKAMYS’ ECNR Solution Ported on ST Accordo2 Platform

ARKAMYS' ECNR solution is ported on ST Microelectronics' Accordo2 platform.

Posted 12/09/2015 on The future of sound

As well as SoundStage Solution, ARKAMYS’ ECNR* solution is ported on ST Microelectronics’ Accordo2 platform.

To enrich the voice management and comfort solutions for car manufacturers, ST Microelectronics and ARKAMYS collaborated in offering the ARKAMYS ClearSpeech solution on Accordo2 DSP.

  • To know more about echo cancellation and noise reduction during a phone call inside a vehicle..
  • To keep focused on the voice quality and speech intelligibility without any unwanted noises!
  • And to know how to improve the drivers experiences with software solutions…


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* [Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction]