ARKAMYS’ Sound Enhancement for the Alcatel A3 10″ Tablet

Alcatel A3 10" Tablet with ARKAMYS audio enhancement techno selected among 6 best 4G tablets. Discover the reasons.

Posted 01/26/2018 on The future of sound

Alcatel smartphone manufacturer makes the difference with ARKAMYS’ sound expertise!

The Alcatel A3 10″ Tablet  benefits from OptimSpeaker Lite audio software solution over speaker and headphones, a sound optimization technology running without any changes on the device’s amplifier or speakers.

Our solution offers an enhance audio rendering on headphones and speakers  without any added hardware. Good to know when phone makers always try to solve weight issues of their mobile devices.

Audiophiles can now enjoy a high-quality immersive experience with an audio spaciousness and clarity while providing listening comfort for movies or music.

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ARKAMYS’sound solution available on ALCATEL A3 10 Tablet