ARKAMYS Thoughts on VR: Brandon Hall

ARKAMYS continues its Thoughts on VR series with this interview with Brandon Hall from Tweddle.

Posted 02/26/2017 on The future of sound

For the second installment of our series of exclusive interviews with various people in the VR industry, ARKAMYS is thrilled to share the insights and experiences of Brandon Hall, Integrated Creative Catalyst at Tweddle.  

ARKAMYS: Tells us about your involvement in the virtual reality industry.

Brandon Hall: My group is working with VR and 360° video as a next-generation deliverable for our informational content. The ability to fully immerse our viewers makes for incredibly engaging content, and leaves quite an impression.

ARKAMYS: What makes for an excellent virtual reality experience?

BH: The substance of the experience it what sells it for me. The story and the intent of the piece can draw the viewer in and keep them engaged, even when the novelty of the media has worn off.

ARKAMYS: Why is audio so important for truly immersive VR?

BH: I don’t think immersion is even possible without a strong audio experience. Like many others, my group initially focused on the visual side of creating this content. Our first 360° video cuts were well-received, but the addition of Ambisonic audio took everything to the next level. Viewers wanted to experience the whole thing again immediately.

ARKAMYS: What do you think is next for VR, AR, and 360 audio?

BH: Seems like the next steps for immersive audio would have to be a user-friendly software suite to bring everything together. The stumbling blocks for our early efforts have been in finding the perfect tools to help in tracking sound sources, inserting pre-recorded material, and pulling everything together successfully.

ARKAMYS: If you’ve experienced the ARKAMYS VR 360 Audio Suite demo, either at CES 2017 or elsewhere, what did you find most enjoyable?

BH: My colleague and I experienced the demo at CES this year. The thing that blew me away was closing my eyes and feeling like I was there. It was really quite impressive.

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