Arkamys Audio Solutions

  • SoundStage Advanced

    Highly Immersive In-Vehicle Audio

    Every SoundStage solution enhances the sound scenes for everyone in the car by elevating the sound stage to provide a superb listening environment. SoundStage Advanced is being used by top car makers to give drivers and passengers superior sound perception and a high fidelity audio rendering.

    SoundStage Advanced provides a lifted high-fidelity surround sound and tailor-made Ambiences defined in collaboration with car OEMs thanks to advanced audio technologies, offering an improved listening pleasure to all the vehicle’s passengers.

    This solution was specifically created to enhance the sound performance for multi-channel audio systems running on mid navigation, high radio segment, with mid-range DSP platforms. It offers car OEMs cutting-edge DSP technology for automotive sound systems up to 6 channel outputs.

    • SoundStage Advanced Features

      SoundStage Advanced Features

      Enhanced Sound Stage: takes the sound field from foot level brings it up to head height for a spacious listening environment

      Automatic Gain Control (AGC): intuitively adjusts the output volume while maintaining the relative dynamics of the music for a beautiful and comfortable listening experience

      Speed Dependent Processing: automatically adapts the perceived volume based on the vehicle’s speed, so there’s no need to rush for the volume knob every time you accelerate

      Multichannel Upmix Management: transforms traditional stereo sound into 5.1 surround sound for sound that is full of clarity and depth for up to 6 output channels

      Bass Exciter: creates the feeling of expansive high-quality at all volume steps, with no compromise on power-handling

    • Tools & Services

      Tools & Services

      The car audio professionals behind SoundStage Advanced also provide the following tools and services:

      Tuning: ARKAMYS’ highest level of audio experts, the “Golden Ears”, efficiently regulate frequency responses to create exceptional listening comfort drivers and passengers.

      Sound Adjustment Toolset: This PC-based feature sends coefficients to the target DSP in real time and allows audio engineers and experts from ARKAMYS to monitor and fine-tune in-vehicle sound systems.

      Golden Ears Training: This specialized training gives critical listening skills to professionals so they can know how to carry out internal benchmarking of audio products and improve their B2B marketing efforts.

      Electro Acoustic Expertise: Arkamys experts bring their extensive skills to the whole audio chain as they support car OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in creating excellent premium audio to their vehicles through sound signatures, advanced audio architectures, and improved speaker positioning.

      ARKAMYS Graph Designer: This advanced set of tools uses the most user-friendly and modular software architecture to help audio engineers prototype faster, generate code more easily, and design better systems for in-vehicle digital signal processing.

    • Benefits


      • 100% software solution
      • In-demand bass boosting technology
      • In-demand sound ambiences creation
      • Cost-effective solution
      • Optimized footprint and MIPS consumption
      • Superior audio improvement with built-in speakers
      • Expertly defined sound signature through coordination with car OEMs