CES 2018: Interview of Philippe Tour – CEO of ARKAMYS – about Automotive & VR

What is better than talking about ARKAMYS with its CEO himself?
Watch now the interview made by Business France during the CES 2018.

Posted 03/12/2018 on Sound Expertise

Back to CES 2018 to discover more about our cutting-edge technology for automotive and in VR showed-off this year in Las Vegas.

ARKAMYS provide a new value thanks to its software technology to always improve sound experience! Our worldwide recognized work is always more improved by our audio experts to satisfy the needs of the market.

Watch the video of Philippe Tour now!


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ARKAMYS at CES 2018 for automotive & VR

We introduce you here to our modular and scalable audio software solutions for the automobile.
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ARKAMYS audio software tehcnologies for the automotive

Our VR software solutions for best sound experience on your devices.
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ARKAMYS offers VR solutions