April 2013
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Sound Staging II, the second generation in sound processing
Arkamys' solution for in-car sound optimization has been adopted by many carmakers such as Renault, Peugeot, Citroën, Dacia, Nissan, Kia and Hyundai. This digital sound processing, combined with customized settings for each vehicle, has greatly improved sound quality, without the need for additional equipment or speakers.

Today, Arkamys is taking its optimization solutions to all new level, with the addition of new signal processing features. Alexandre Fénières, Sound Engineer at Arkamys, is one of the architects of these new features, which have involved fifteen engineers over the past three years. Here, Alexandre summarizes Sound Staging II: "This new solution enables you to push the boundaries of a standard in-car audio setup. We implement innovative processes that are immediately noticeable by the end user."

Second generation Sound Staging includes four new processes:

Bass Boost. This technique improves the perception of low frequencies. It avoids the saturation of speakers and prevents resonance from surrounding components. With this technique, passengers enjoy deeper bass without a dedicated subwoofer. It both saves space, weight and power consumption.

Upmix Surround. This feature enables a conventional stereo system to replicate the perception of a 5.1 system. The sound is therefore more surrounding and the soundstage becomes even more enveloping.

Improving FM signals. When radio reception is poor, sound reproduction loses its stereo content and accuracy. The algorithm developed by Arkamys then takes the best from the signal and renders the audio output to its original intended quality.

Automatic volume adjustment. This is responsible for maintaining a constant volume between songs or between sound sources. It hence avoids sudden unwanted and rather annoying jumps in volume, when switching audio contents (example: from a piece of classical to pop music), or when the user switches audio sources (example: from the radio to playing an MP3 file).

Renault R-Link is the first ambassador of Arkamys Sound Staging II

Renault was the first carmaker to embrace this enhanced sound processing solution, and is implementing Arkamys Sound Staging II in its latest R-Link multimedia system. The touch screen interface of this system ensures an excellent control of Arkamys' different features. With just one click, you can activate the Bass Boost feature or modify sound spatialization and positioning in the car-cabin. This optimization is already available on the Clio IV and ZOE cars, and will be deployed on most models in the Renault, Megane III, Scenic III, Kangoo II ranges, and very soon, the Captur.

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Renault ZOE uses Arkamys
Renault has recently launched ZOE, a 100% electric vehicle for the general public, with innovative technology, which has now earned itself the position as a benchmark for environment-friendly cars. Like all electric cars, ZOE is silent and the quality of its audio system is crucial. ZOE is therefore equipped with the multimedia system R-Link, combined with the high-quality audio system called "Auditorium". This system uses "3D Sound by Arkamys", which offers excellent audio performance, and at the same time, contributes to power consumption reduction (which are two major "battle grounds" for Electric Vehicle).

Based on the new generation of Sound Staging technology – branded as "3D Sound by Arkamys", by Renault – Arkamys' process offers a high-fidelity digital audio sound without requiring multiple loudspeakers. For example, the Bass Boost provides deep bass that is equivalent to that of a subwoofer, without increasing the vehicle's weight and power consumption.

Alexis Charbonnel, Sales Director at Arkamys, states that: "the efficiency of our algorithms allows them to be integrated into the processor of the multimedia system, while using the built-in amplifier. This neither leads to overweight nor congestion, nor the excessive electrical consumption of a processor and an additional amplifier. Car makers are very sensitive to this argument in their efforts to reduce energy consumption".

Like other vehicles that are equipped with Arkamys' technology, ZOE enjoys tailor-made audio settings that are designed by sound engineers: Arkamys famous "Golden Ears".
Arkamys @the Mobile World Congress
The Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the annual event for professionals in the mobile phone industry. The 2013 edition was held in Barcelona, February 25 to 28. It is always a great opportunity to discover new technologies that will be integrated into future smartphones and tablets.
Arkamys, which has worked with the biggest names in telephony for many years, was indeed present at this event. Arkamys was proud to demonstrate its latest technologies for mobile phones and tablets, which are designed to improve the quality and power of sound, either with headphones or speakers: Arkamys "OptimSpeaker" and "Speaker Protection" features.

Speaker Protection enables more power to be sent to the speakers, while protecting it from damage that would be caused by prolonged listening or volume peaks. The user is therefore able to enjoy a louder sound without compromising the audio quality nor damaging the mobile device.

Optim Speaker enhances the acoustic performance of a telephone or a tablet in an impressive way. Thanks to this customized digital optimization, small speakers can reproduce a deep, rich bass sound.

These two acclaimed features are a key differentiation factor for OEM and a fundamental contributor to the improvement of end user audio experience on mobile device.
Arkamys was also alongside the manufacturer TCL, which presented three new Alcatel One Touch smartphones. These three touchscreen mobile phones, which are efficient and have a sleek design, feature Arkamys' sound optimization technology.

Thomas Guerbert, Business Development Manager at Arkamys, explains the benefits of this integration on Alcatel One Touch models.
What are the benefits for the end customer?
"Smartphones are nowadays increasingly thin and their acoustics suffer from this, with manufacturers forced to use smaller and thinner speakers. Physically, they are therefore incapable of reproducing low frequency sounds, which often makes listening unpleasant. The digital processing of the sound signal, which we carry out, enables the phone to offer a clearer and richer sound. Bass sounds are now closely matching the original content and are better perceived, resulting in a much more comfortable listening experience."

What types of audio sources are accepted?
"The smartphone has become the leading multimedia device for consumers and Arkamys' solution naturally applies to all sound sources that are present on the phone: music, FM radio, Internet streams and even ringtones."

Does the system work with headphones as well?
"Of course. When headphones are plugged into the phone, Arkamys' processing remains active. It is even reinforced by a Surround effect, which gives the user a feeling of immersion."

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