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Arkamys Automatic Volume Control (AVC)
Automatic Volume Control
Different movies and TV programs may have sound-level variations causing spikes of sound intensity. This phenomenon deteriorates the overall experience of the end user, who must constantly adjust the volume. Instead, Arkamys AVC automatically adjusts the output volume to keep it relatively constant, bringing to the end-user a more comfortable experience, with an average listening level without alteration of the original sound quality.

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HD3D2 Project
Arkamys currently participates in the HD3D2 project, supported by Cap Digital, the business cluster for digital content and information technologies in the Paris region. The aim of the project is to bring together companies in the image and sound branches in order to create new industrial standards.

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Automotive solution
Arkamys Hands Free Solution
Automotive Solution
One of our current projects for the automotive sector is the Arkamys Hands-Free Solution based on the Echo Canceller and Noise Reducer algorithms (ECNR). This feature is offered as a complement to our Automotive Sound Staging Solution, which is already implemented in numerous models of renowned car manufacturers, and serves to complete our comprehensive audio offer for the automotive segment.

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News in short
International: Arkamys continues its global expansion with new offices in Canada (Vancouver), Korea (Seoul), and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) becoming a key player in the audio field. Arkamys team has the ambition to expand its know-how all over the world.

ARM Cortex A9: During the MWC, Arkamys published on its website a press release titled Arkamys Audio Solutions Enhances ARM Cortex A9 Processor to announce its audio features optimized for ARM Cortex A9 processors.

About Arkamys
The recognized leader in audio enhancement and spatialization technologies, Arkamys provides digital audio software and services to multimedia companies and the professional-entertainment and consumer-electronics industry.
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