ImmerVision & ARKAMYS are demonstrating the best of immersive video & audio experience at SXSW in Acer Holo 360 smartphone!

Learn more about the ARKAMYS spatial audio from Acer Holo 360 at SXSW.

Posted 03/09/2018 on Sound Expertise

SXSW the ever-expanding innovative festival is around the corner again.

ARKAMYS latest immersive technologies are lucky enough to be demonstrating at SXSW this year via Acer Holo 360 by partner ImmerVision.

Acer Holo 360 is the first back-to-back high performance panomorph lenses camera with ambisonics format audio specially tailored for 2 microphones with ARKAMYS solution VR CAPTURE.

ImmerVision will showcase this latest video and audio innovation at SXSW.

Book your private demo and discover our spatialized sound recording & replay solutions, and ImmerVision 360-degree panoramic imaging technology at SXSW this March 11-14 with our partner ImmerVision.

Know more on our VR 360 audio recording & rendering technologies.

ImmerVision partner of ARKAMYS at SXSW event with latest ARKAMYS’technology on Acer Holo 360