Arkamys DSP & Audio Innovations Engineer M/F


POSITION TITLE : DSP & Audio Innovation Engineer (M/F)
LOCATION : Paris 17, France
STATUS: Executive
TYPE OF CONTRACT : Permanent contract




As a recognized leader in audio signal processing, ARKAMYS develops innovative software and services for the automotive, mobile phone, virtual reality and connected objects industries. The sound experts at ARKAMYS are renowned for their work in 3D audio, voice processing, and sound rendering. These same experts create cutting-edge solutions that optimize the speech intelligibility and audio quality of consumer electronics products. ARKAMYS consistently delivers exciting new audio technologies across the globe, expanding its reputation over the past 20 years to create a strong presence in the USA, Europe, Japan, South Korea, and China.




As a part of the DSP Audio team, you will be responsible for creating and developing audio processing algorithms as well as for implementing these algorithms on embedded processors (DSP or Host). Specifically, tasks consist of developing specifications, bibliographic research, algorithmic studies, the development of algorithmic reference models, experimentation with real-time mockups, publishing, and submitting patents. Duties also include porting and integration on the target embedded processor for vehicles.


In this context, your duties will more specifically be the following:

• Participation in developing the innovation roadmap;
• Algorithmic specifications in response to client requirements (external or internal) and system constraints;
• If applicable, participation, in collaboration with the client, in defining these requirements or constraints;
• Definition and production of test principles in response to identified user “use cases”;
• Definition of relevant algorithm performance criteria and implementation of these criteria;
• Development of algorithmic models in the reference code environment;
• Prototyping and experimentation with these models in a real-time environment and on real acoustics;
• Algorithmic validation tests and reports;
• Bibliographic research, publications, presentation at international conferences, submission of patents;
• Porting onto the compatible target (DSP or Host) of client or demo project constraints;
• Writing of technical reports in English;
• Technical communication with sound engineering, configuration tool development, and validation teams;




• Experience in developing algorithms for embedded audio solutions. This experience in the automotive field would be a plus;
• Programming in C and C++ (Microsoft Visual C++);
• Experience in implementing real-time solutions for embedded systems (DSP or Host);
• Knowledge of fixed-point arithmetic implementation;
• Processing of signals in the audio domain;




5 years’ experience in algorithm development and embedded DSP programming for audio or speech processing.
EDUCATION: Engineering school or equivalent master’s-level university degree
LANGUAGES: English, French
COMPENSATION: Based on your profile