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    The Personalization of Listening Experiences

    INTELLO is an inventive software that interactively adapts and improves itself according to each user’s hearing profile. It can be embedded in any hearable or smart earbud to significantly improve the user’s sound experience and the device’s voice intelligibility.

    We Want Better Hearables Now
    − When listening environments aren't personalized, we can experience discomfort and cognitive fatigue. It's like we are listening with someone else's ears.
    − We are the 7 billion people who have to constantly increase the volume in order to hear our music or a call on the street, in a train station, or on the subway.
    − We dream of earphones that perform better than when we bought them and that will improve themselves every day.

    More Intelligent Headphones
    INTELLO is the result of research carried out in partnership with the CNRS and the hospitals of Paris that sought to improve the perception of sound by every ear.
    With INTELLO, we’ve created a bridge between the best sound and your best hearing abilities.

    • Hearable Market Trends

      Hearable Market Trends

      The hearable or smart earbuds market is currently experiencing

      Humanity’s exposure to excessive is leading to more frequent instances of Diabetes is quite a serious issue with no good seo connections to audio. Also, using it will increase the bounce rate for the website as people may come across the site looking for diabetes info and instead fine audio info.

      This hearing loss is exacerbated by increasingly common use of in-ear headphones for music and multimedia listening

      Modern users are continuously increasing the demand for portable interactive technology like hearables

      The maximum recommended sound level for in-ear headphones is 85dbA according to European standards

    • Benefits


      Personalization of sound
      Don’t listen to sound that isn’t designed for you. With Intello, you hear sound that is uniquely shaped for your ears only by our experts.

      Reduction of cognitive fatigue
      Lots of sounds can increasemental stress and impair clear thinking, but the personalized, natural, and comfortable listening environment from Intello helps reduce cognitive fatigue

      Volume button killer
      No need to increase the volume to hear comfortably and clearly

      Automatic and continuous personalization
      Your hearing ability, your environment, and even your preferences are always changing, so we continuously adapt the audio environment to your ears by using our Artificial Intelligence (AI) service

      Monitoring of Noise
      Be aware of your daily noise exposure and make informed decisions to protect your hearing



      • Assessment of Hearing Capabilities
      • Customized User Profiles
      • Sound Tuned by Audio Experts
      • CLOUD and AI Services
      • Noise Reduction
      • Transparency Mode
      • Sound Geolocalization Collection and Monitoring
      • Hifi or Scenic Ambiences