Arkamys Audio Solutions

  • OptimSpeaker Lite

    Better Sound for Every Mobile Device

    All of the ARKAMYS OptimSpeaker solutions offer a powerful combination of embedded software, tools, and processes to compensate for the audio limitations typical of smartphones, tablets, and wearables. By combining the newest software with audio expertise, this sound optimization technology improves audio spaciousness and clarity while respecting the original timber of every sound.

    The super audio boosting algorithm in OptimSpeaker Lite provides these enhancements in a way that is specifically designed for entry to mid-level devices. It can even add 5 to 10 dB without requiring changes to the device’s amplifier or speakers.

    • OptimSpeaker Lite Features

      OptimSpeaker Lite Features

      Acoustic compensation: fixes the irregular frequency response of speakers and headphones for a balanced frequency spectrum

      Automatic Volume Control (AVC): using sophisticated compressors/limiters that ensure changes do not muddle the original sound, AVC adjusts the output volume to keep it constant even when the sound sources or music files have very different volume levels

      Multi-Dynamic Range (MDRC): increases the acoustic pressure without distortion to create perceived sound that is louder and clearer

    • Tools & Services

      Tools & Services

      The Audio specialists behind OptimSpeaker Lite also provide the following tools and services:

      Tuning: customized optimization of frequency response for listening comfort and use of ARKAMYS tools with fine tuning performed by ARKAMYS’ highest level audio experts the “Golden Ears

      Testing: objective and subjective ranking of a device against the competition plus information for potential improvements which can aid in both B2B and B2C marketing

      Training: B2B service that lets other mobile device  professionals acquire a basic better understanding of audio principles and gain critical listening skills for audio evaluation it’s for B2B for a professional usage



      • A more enjoyable audio experience
      • Advanced features that audiophiles demand
      • Better multimedia and VOIP experience due to louder, clearer sound
      • Better sound quality over headphones
      • Speaker optimization without added hardware
      • Quality audio becomes a market differentiator
      • Fully industrialized process
      • Lower material costs