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  • OptimSpeaker 2 Premium

    Better Sound for Every Mobile Device

    The audio difficulties typically found in smartphones, phablets, wearables, and tablets no longer exist thanks to the ARKAMYS OptimSpeaker 2 solutions. Each of these robust options is a unique mixture of speaker optimization, embedded software, and audio expertise that deliver unsurpassed sound quality for mobile devices. By blending advanced audio algorithms with expert tools and services, OptimSpeaker 2 improves spaciousness and clarity while maintaining the original intention behind every sound.

    With its top-of the line stereo audio, OptimSpeaker 2 Premium showcases a complete audio experience with rich, full sound for great mobile movie and music experiences. This solution is perfect for mobile devices where only the best will do.

    • OptimSpeaker 2 Premium Features

      OptimSpeaker 2 Premium Features

      Acoustic Compensation: corrects the irregular frequency response of speakers and headphones for a balanced frequency spectrum

      Automatic Volume Control (AVC): using sophisticated compressors/limiters that make sure the modifications do not muddle the original sound, AVC adjusts the output volume to keep it constant even when the sound sources or music files have very different volume levels

      Precise Multi-Dynamic Range Compressor:  offers  complete and precise control in each band during the tuning, increases the acoustic pressure with zero distortion to create perceived sound with maximum loudness and rich clarity.

      Parametric Equalizer and Graphic Equalizer: delivers better accuracy and effectiveness without phase distortion as well as sharper, clearer transients.

      Bass Exciter: a superior bass experience based on a psycho-acoustic algorithm that generates and enhances the harmonics to create the perception of low frequencies even when they are missing due to hardware limitations

      Loudness Enhancement: depending on the volume applied by the user, this feature automatically adapts to offer the best rendering for any kind of listening usage

      Stereo Widening: aproprietary algorithm discriminates mono components from the original stereo signal to create a broader stereo sound. With the addition of panoramic sound, this feature creates a definitively more enveloping cinema-like sound experience.

    • Tools & Services

      Tools & Services

      The specialists behind OptimSpeaker 2 Premium also provide the following tools and services:

      Tuning: customized optimization of frequency response for listening comfort and use of ARKAMYS tools with fine tuning performed by ARKAMYS’ highest level audio experts, the “Golden Ears”

      Testing: rank and rating a device against the competition via scientific criteria plus gain information for potential improvements which can aid in both B2B and B2C marketing

      Training: Mobile device professionals can acquire an understanding of basic audio principles and gain critical listening skills for audio that this is a B2B service for a professional usage



      • High-tech features that audiophiles want
      • Enjoyable and comfortable listening experiences on all mobile devices
      • Adjustable ambiences settings for all types of content
      • Premium audio quality for any use case
      • Professional audio rendering on consumer products
      • Exclusive audio differentiates your product
      • Professional, intuitive workflow
      • Complete and precise control of the entire audio path
      • Unrivaled premium sound quality without additional hardware cost