Arkamys Features

OptimSpeaker 2 Features for Mobile Devices

The OptimSpeaker 2 software suite by ARKAMYS has all the features necessary to make mobile devices stand out from the crowd with superior audio quality. The ARKAMYS team is happy to work with OEMs of mobile phones, tablets, even the latest wearables, to get all the OptimSpeaker 2 features onto their devices and into their customers’ hands.

Acoustic Compensation

In order to deliver the sound that listeners want, the Acoustic Compensation feature fixes the irregular frequency response of speakers and headphones. By doing so, it creates a balanced frequency spectrum and sensational sound.This feature is part of the OptimSpeaker 2 Lite, Classic and Premium solutions.

Automatic Volume Control (AVC)

Using sophisticated compressors/limiters, the Automatic Volume Control or AVC adjusts the output volume to keep it even. AVC avoids the spikes in volume from different sound sources that can be unpleasant and cause damage to the listener’s hearing. Like every ARKAMYS technology, AVC enhances listening pleasure without allowing the audio enhancements to muddle the original sound.AVC is present in OptimSpeaker 2 Lite, Classic, and Premium.

Multi-Dynamic Range Compressor

This feature increases the perceived volume of audio content without leading to jumbled or distorted sound. By using specialized technology, this feature increases acoustic pressure to create perceived sound that is both louder and clearer. OptimSpeaker 2 Lite, Classic, and Premium all contain this technology.

Bass Exciter

Based on a psycho-acoustic algorithm, the Bass Exciter feature gives thumping bass to even the smallest mobile device. The Bass Exciter generates and enhances harmonics to create the perception of low frequencies even when they are missing due to hardware limitations.This superior bass effect can be found on OptimSpeaker 2 Classic and Premium.

Loudness Enhancement

This valuable feature uses information from the user’s volume settings to automatically adapt the sound to their situation. With Loudness enhancement, getting the best rendering for any kind of listening usage becomes effortless for the user. OptimSpeaker 2 Premium is the only product offering this select option.

Surround Sound for Headphones

Since so many mobile device users listen to sound over headphones, this feature is essential for creating a superb device experience. By creating the feeling of stereo through headsets and headphones, listeners feel more enveloped in the sound and more engaged with the content on their devices.To get more immersive audio for your customers check out OptimSpeaker 2 Classic and OptimSpeaker Premium.

Stereo Widening

With the help of aproprietary algorithm, the Stereo Widening feature offers a more immersive audio experience without being constrained by the device’s hardware. This feature gives listeners the audio environment they crave by creating the effect of multiple speakers and generating virtual surround sound. This enhanced stereo audio is only available on OptimSpeaker 2 Premium.