Arkamys Tools & Services

Get the best in mobile device tools and services from the professionals at ARKAMYS

As highly valuable add-ons to their software, the ARKAMYS experts provide tools and services that enhance the power of the ARKAMYS software solutions and bring audio excellence directly to your team. Whether you need advice on your product’s hardware, or want your whole team to be more informed about the best practices in audio technology, ARKAMYS audio consulting has you covered.

Audio Tuning

Getting truly excellent audio quality takes more than just good ideas. It takes expert attention to detail and a lot of fine tuning. The experts at ARKAMYS can deliver just that with their fully-customizable audio tuning services.

These services provide personalized optimization of frequency responses for listening comfort and for use with ARKAMYS tools. The fine tuning is always performed by ARKAMYS’ highest level of audio experts, the “Golden Ears”, so you know your product will deliver the best sound possible to your customers.

Product Assessment

By working on audio for lots of mobile device companies like Panasonic and Alcatel, ARKAMYS has gained a great deal of insight into the mobile device industry and its audio needs. ARKAMYS uses this in-depth awareness of the market to examine and evaluate your product.

Using objective and subjective criteria, ARKAMYS specialists can rate and rank your device’s audio performance against the competition. ARKAMYS created a benchmarked rating system that measures audio quality in a standardized scientific way. ARKAMYS sound experts analyze every aspect of your product from raw materials and design to the output capacity and rendering quality.They then provide you with the rankings and information for potential improvements along with wording that will aid in both B2B and B2C marketing.

Expert Skills and Techniques

As one of the world’s leaders in audio technology for mobile devices, ARKAMYS experts know a lot about sound. With the ARKAMYS training services, your employees can learn skills to better support your product’s audio needs.

ARKAMYS offers training on topics ranging from basic audio principles to the method for doing an audio evaluation. The knowledge gained from these trainings can be valuable for marketing departments, engineers, designers, and more.