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  • The fruitful partnership MHE-ARKAMYS for xEV unveiled at Paris Motor Show


    The fruitful partnership MHE-ARKAMYS for xEV unveiled at Paris Motor Show

    MHE, the leading Korean company specialized in advanced automotive electronic equipments and ARKAMYS – the French digital sound processing expert for automotive industry- are proud to present AVAS Sound Generator at Paris Motor Show 2016 on September 30 during the professional day.

    This new concept combines ARKAMYS Sound Expertise to MHE Manufacturing capabilities to deliver Hardware / Software solution dedicated to EV car manufacturers. The technology will reproduce synthetic engine sounds for pedestrians safety.

    At low speeds, Electric Vehicles are dangerously quiet for non-motorized street-users (pedestrians, cyclists…).For the moment, people rely solely on their vision to spot these vehicles approaching; thus greatly increasing the risk of accidents.

    To address this concern, Electric Vehicle Sound Generator systems development has been discussed worldwide by UNECE & NHTSA, and a set of rules on the minimum sound generated by electric cars is about to become a new standard.

    Today MHE and ARKAMYS have developed a solution for all types of electric vehicles:

    • Pure electric vehicles (PEV)
    • Hybrid electric vehicles (HEV)
    • Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCV)
    • Fuel cell hybrid vehicles (FCHV)


    A secondary feature, but not less not less important: Implementing a sound generator on a vehicle will enable car makers to define and customize their own sound signature. This is at the heart of ARKAMYS expertise.

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