Arkamys Partners

  • Academic

    ARKAMYS is a leading supporter of academic research centers and key institutions from around the world that specialize in sound engineering, sonic technology, and signal processing. The partnership between ARKAMYS and IRCAM, an institution dedicated to music research and sound signal treatment, is an excellemt example of ARKAMYS’ support of academic research. Together ARKAMYS and IRCAM work to bring the IRCAM’s technology to ARKAMYS’ products and clients.

    ARKAMYS also offers to host students of various master’s degree programs in association with research centers or engineering schools. For example, a student selected by Telecom Paris Tech, an engineering school specializing in digital signal processing, might come to ARKAMYS and spend three years developing a new technology. The resulting thesis would then be published in specialized journals and reports.

    • CNRS

      The laboratory accommodates approximately 120 permanent personnel (researchers, professors and assistant professors, engineers, technicians) and about sixty PhD candidates. It undertakes multidisciplinary research in Mechanical and Chemical Engineering and in Sciences and Technologies for Information and Communication.
      The research fields cover a wide disciplinary spectrum from thermodynamics to cognition, encompassing fluid mechanics, energetics, acoustics and voice synthesis, spoken language and text processing, vision, virtual reality

    • IRCAM

      IRCAM has been since its foundation the largest public research center worldwide dedicated to scientific research in relation to music creation. A unique place of convergence between artistic and technological innovation, the Institute has been directed by Frank Madlener since 2006 and gathers more than 160 collaborators. Associated to Centre Pompidou under the aegis of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, IRCAM hosts the joint research unit STMS (Science and Technology of Music and Sound) with the support of CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) and UPMC (Université Pierre et Marie Curie – Sorbonne Universités).

      IRCAM’s interdisciplinary research covers a broad spectrum of scientific skills from acoustics (instruments, rooms) to humanities (perception and cognition, musicology) with a center of gravity in digital audio signal processing and computer science (languages, real-time, human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, multimedia databases,…) and holds leading positions in most of its research topics.

    • Telecom Paristech

      Telecom ParisTech, one of France's top five graduate engineering schools, is considered the leading French school in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Here we prepare students to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s information society; to manage complexity, innovate, self-motivate and work in a multicultural context.
      Telecom ParisTech offers a wide choice of electives in ICT (Computer Science, Networks, Communications, Electronic, Signal and Image Processing, Social and Human Sciences) together with the study of economic and social aspects associated with modern technology (Economics, Management, Entrepreneurship, 11 languages).