Arkamys Press

As a recognized leader in audio signal processing, ARKAMYS develops innovative software and services for the automotive, home entertainment, mobile phone and connected objects industries.

The sound experts at ARKAMYS are renowned for their work in 3D audio, voice processing, and sound rendering. These same experts create cutting-edge solutions that optimize the speech intelligibility and audio quality of consumer electronics products.

ARKAMYS consistently delivers exciting new audio technologies across the globe, expanding its reputation over the past 15 years to create a strong presence in the USA, Europe, Japan, Korea, and China.

Date Title Size
29-04-2016 Nextbit Robin cloud based & stereo front speakers phone with ARKAMYS audio solution 285 KB Download
27-04-2016 ARKAMYS exports its Audio solutions for the self-driving– connected cars to the U.S.A. 268 KB Download
19-04-2016 ZTE’s collabration with ARKAMYS brings out the brand new mobile devices: Blade V7 and V7 Lite 266 KB Download
16-02-2016 ARKAMYS and BeStar Partnership: a unique sound performance 285 KB Download
05-01-2016 CES Unveiled Las Vegas – ARKAMYS, 360° sound & Virtual Reality 318 KB Download
07-12-2015 Echo Cancellation-Noise Reduction Software available on ST Accordo2 Platform 186 KB Download
03-12-2015 SoundStage software ported on ST Microelectronics Accordo2 184 KB Download
21-10-2015 CES Unveiled PARIS – Virtual reality in car cabin: 3D security and comfort alerts! 226 KB Download
20-07-2015 ARKAMYS & New RENAULT Espace V: passion for 3D-sound! 204 KB Download
16-04-2015 ARKAMYS embedded in SAIC MG: listen to a mobile Vienna concert hall in the new MG GS! 138 KB Download