ARKAMYS R&D projects for 360 Sound

ARKAMYS was involved in different projects which allowed the creation of an immersive and interactive audio solution for 360° videos, using the ambisonic format.

Posted 10/24/2016 on The future of sound

As part of the development of 360° audio solutions for 360° videos,  ARKAMYS participates in R&D projects such as:

  • the BiLi project (Binaural Listening), which aims to reproduce a natural listening experience when listening over headset


  • the LIVE 360° TV project, which helps ARKAMYS to develop VR 360 audio capture and rendering technologies for TV broadcast in direct live


Thanks to those R&D projects, ARKAMYS is able to create innovative audio solutions for its VR 360 Suite solution

Stay tunned to the coming episodes to know more about the VR-Play.

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ARKAMYS participation to BiLi project and Live 360