CES 2017: TechCrunch experienced ARKAMYS latest audio solutions for cars

TechCrunch came over to ARKAMYS' booth at CES 2017 in Las Vegas and discovered our latest audio technologies for automotive industry.

Posted 01/31/2017 on The future of sound

TechCrunch visited ARKAMYS booth at LVCC Central Plaza during CES 2017 and experienced our audio expertise for car infotainment systems such as our sound staging technology lifting the sound to the windshield and optimizing the sound spatialization  in car-cabin with an extra feature that colors your playlists with dedicated ambiences.

During the visit, the journalist also discovered how we can help electric car manufacturers to enhance the pedestrians’ safety thanks to AVAS sound generating system with our partner MHE.

By 2019, to respect the new standards, all electric and hybrid vehicles will have to generate sounds at low speed.

ARKAMYS, expert in digital signal processing and audio tuning is able to supply this full audio embedded system and a dedicated sound signature with MHE to car manufacturers. The solution is ready for mass production in 2017.

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