Thoughts on VR: Laetitia Wilfert-Portal

Check out our latest Thoughts on VR interview with Laetitia Wilfert-Portal from Acoustiguide as she gives us her insights on the importance of VR audio and 360 sound.

Posted 06/15/2017 on The future of sound

ARKAMYS: Tell us about your involvement in the virtual reality/augmented reality/virtual visit industry.

Laetitia Wilfert-Portal: Acoustiguide was the first audioguide company to use a storytelling experience like we did with our experience for the Roosevelt house featuring the voice of Eleanor Roosevelt in 1957. We now seek to immerse the visitor in an engaging story. Currently, our most important project aims to create an experience for the Picasso.mania exhibition at the Grand Palais using Google glass, as well as the Hunger Games New York and the Avengers Paris, including the production of a hologram.

 ARKAMYS: Why is audio so important for truly immersive VR?

LWP: It is through listening that visitor’s attention is really captured. In the world of museums, the spatialized sound production has impacts on both recording and mixing steps, and in our storytelling conception. Speech is more than text. Sound is paramount. At Acoustiguide, we help museums and cultural institutions create a sound experience that deeply enhances the visitor’s experience. Sounds, music, sound design, and audio descriptions are very important tools that revive the interest of the public and avoid boredom. Immersive audio gives the impression of being able to go beyond the picture.

ARKAMYS: What do you think is next for audio and virtual reality technology in your field?

LWP: The use of the binaural sound that allows the spatialization of sound in three dimensions will be an essential part for our core business, namely the creation of intelligent content and storytelling. The visitor’s experience must be constantly improved and these new technologies allow us to invest in the visitor’s point of view. Even with closed eyes, we feel the presence of reality; sound enables us to build and rebuild the space around us. This makes VR with 360 sound the ideal way to provide the experience of entering a work or the creative process of an artist.

ARKAMYS: If you’ve experienced the ARKAMYS VR 360 Audio Suite demo, what did you find most enjoyable? If not, what have you heard about either the demo or ARKAMYS in general?

LWP: I was very lucky to meet with ARKAMYS’ CEO Philippe Tour in Paris, where I also discovered the great imagination room filled with wonderful unique sound adventures. I think it would be a great project to use ARKAMYS technology to build some beautiful content for a famous cultural institution or heritage building together.

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