Arkamys Consulting & Audio Certification

Let our audio experts help reveal the true depth of sound inside your products

At ARKAMYS, sound is more than a passion, it’s an obsession.
Our audiophiles are eager to enhance sound quality, one product at a time, which is why we offer sophisticated consulting services to improve every aspect of audio in your products.
We specialize in four areas when it comes to sound consulting.
The latest is AUDIO BY ARKAMYS Certification.

  • Audio Devices Certification

    Get the best sound quality of your audio devices to compete on the global market.

    Trust the guarantee of ARKAMYS’ Audio Experts to supply the best listening experience of your consumer electronics devices: smartphones, tablets, wearables,TV, IoT…

    The best performance for all kinds of audio content: speech, music, movies and gaming with AUDIO BY ARKAMYS!


    Certify your Audio Design, your Tuning or all your Audio parameters with ARKAMYS!



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  • Audio architecture and development

    During a tailor-made study, we look at your requirements and your products to determine the ideal audio architecture for your unique sound. This study can be performed on-site in your laboratories, or inside our very own research center. A full report and recommendation is provided to you for each product.

  • Embedded software development

    Just like our Golden Ears, our software engineers are “into” sound, which means they can translate the recommendations we provide and treat the sound at its source, the digital signal. Sound can be drastically improved by addressing the source code within the Digital Sound Processor. Our software engineers can create the right algorithm for your products and integrate it seamlessly in your system.

  • Tuning expertise

    Sometimes getting that perfect sound is simply a question fine-tuning your equipment and algorithms. ARKAMYS has a global team that can validate your audio renderings and tuning coefficients while remaining totally in-line with your procedures. The results are a final sound rendering that is completely adapted to your needs.

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Sometimes getting that perfect sound is a question fine-tuning your equipment and algorithms.

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