Arkamys Tools

Beyond consulting services, testing, and product development, ARKAMYS provides a multitude of sound adjustment tools that can be used in conjunction with your own engineering software.

ARKAMYS’ tools allow the engineers and Golden Ears to regulate and fine-tune your sound systems and create custom sound presets that reflect your brand and image. ARKAMYS has been using these tools while working with brands like Renault and Škoda to create and optimize the sound experience inside their vehicles.

  • Arkamys’ extensive experience

    Years of experience with Tier One suppliers and a proven implementation methodology help Arkamy’s tools give brands greater control of their sound throughout the industrial process.

  • Tuning is important for this simple reason

    Sound needs to be adapted for an optimal experience. ARKAMYS’ solutions perfect your sound at the optimal moment based on the study and calibrations performed by our engineers and Golden Ears.



  • EzTune - Automatic Tuning Tool

    ARKAMYS EzTune is an industrial software solution that automatically corrects the acoustical defaults of a multimedia device.

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