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Discover the true potential of your listening experience through our exclusive Golden Ears training programs.

The perfect listening experience starts with knowing how to listen properly. Understanding good sound quality from bad is the first step in being able to evaluate the audio experience associated with commercial products. The aim of our Golden Ears programs is to enhance people’s ability to discern the subtleties of any audio experience.

  • Golden Ears Classic

    For Sales & Marketing

    Our sessions will train your ears to recognize your own signature sound and give you the words to describe and differentiate your sound from the rest.

  • Guess what is the Golden Ear definition ?

    A military jargon used to describe an officer responsible for listening for sound activity coming from the outside the building using sonar.

  • Golden Ears Advanced

    For Engineering & Technical Positions

    Combining theory, listening exercises, assessments, and techniques for continued learning, no other program is more complete for your entire company, from your sales team to your engineers.

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The training programs can be performed on-site or at our headquarters in Paris.

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