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  • ARKAMYS unveiled an audio virtual reality project at CES 2015


    Discover ARKAMYS’ story about the immersive 360° Audio and Video demo unveiled at CES 2015. Lucky people enjoyed this demo with an oculus and a headset to hear 3D sound combined with a 360° video. This ARKAMYS 3D sound technology allows the virtual positioning of moving or fixed sounds around you.

    ARKAMYS has been working on 3D sound for 15 years to optimize sound rendering over headsets or speakers.

    You can found our applications and know-how in consumer electronics products – phones & tablets, in automotive or military fields… More than 20 million devices are equipped with ARKAMYS solutions.

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  • Music Classifier Demo : You love Chicago Blues? Then listen to traditional Asian songs!


    There are unbelievable similarities between songs coming from the other side of the planet.

    ARKAMYS breaks the music genre rules with the music classifier software. On a world map picture you choose to listen to music from a country: North America for example. The ARKAMYS software shows a list of songs. After you have selected the one you preferred, you switch to another location. Let’s try Asia.

    And … The magic happens. The ARKAMYS technology is able to find, in real time, the track that sounds like your favorite American song. Incredible!

    ARKAMYS’ solution analyzes, in detail, the sound characteristics to define the track DNAs. The song can be stored in your mobile phone, your computer or as audio streams provider.

    By comparing the track signature, similar songs are grouped together.

    Discover, on the other side of the world, songs you like without knowing them.

  • A third settlement in Asia : ARKAMYS is celebrating its Chinese branch opening


    After one year presence in China, creating a strong partnership with local companies, ARKAMYS settled in Shanghai. Thus ARKAMYS is strengthening its worldwide presence on this continent after Japan and Korea, to meet its customers’expectations as fully as possible.  The Chinese opening ceremony took place on 22nd October with the participation of UBIFrance.

    The company has developed the Sound Staging software to optimize in-car sound experience without having to modify hardware structure. Sound Staging has already been implemented within major automotive brand products, in Europe and China.

    ARKAMYS will soon introduce OptimSpeaker family products to Chinese market.

    OptimSpeaker is a large portfolio of audio software libraries that improve the sound quality of mobile phones in order to listen to music, watch videos or play games, using headphones or speakers output.

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  • October 2014 : Axelle Lemaire rewarded ARKAMYS as Champion 2014 of the Systematic cluster


    The Systematic Paris-Region Cluster brought to light the ARKAMYS’ worldwide dynamism and growth on automotive, mobile and home entertainment markets, during its 6th event “Journée Ambition PME”.