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New Usages

Offering drivers and passengers an unprecedented way to experience personalized and connected audio in their car

Connectivity Features & Cloud

Arkamys aims to offer drivers and passengers a new way to experience personalized and connected audio in their car.

Thanks to connectivity, Arkamys’ SoundStage solution can bring a diversified set of audio offers to vehicles throughout the customer journey. During the car’s life-cycle, OEMs can continue to add value to the same vehicle and raise the interest and enthusiasm of customers for their car through OTA updates and downloadable features and Ambiences.

UX & Lifestyle

The car interior is one of the best places to listen to music. Drivers and passengers are always on the sweet spot and the sound is specifically tuned for each vehicle, guaranteeing optimal sound reproduction.

Taking this into account, it is essential to take advantage of these benefits to offer an exceptional in-vehicle sound experience through software innovation. With surround features, great personalization of listening and consideration of connectivity, it is possible to offer an extraordinary user experience on the road.

Audio Marketing

Arkamys is able to support OEMs with their audio marketing issues.

What features can create interaction with the end-user?

Arkamys provides answers through tailor-made Ambiences and highly personalized sound to significantly improve the customer experience via integrated or paid options.

Arkamys offers audio training to increase the skills of manufacturers on audio subjects. We also provide support on audio monitoring and expertise, advice, choice of speakers, etc.

Expertise to achieve your audio excellence