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About Us

Our Vision

Software is the key to meeting the automotive audio challenges of tomorrow

The future of automotive sound enters a revolutionary phase as influential software takes precedence over hardware components and cars become electrified, connected and autonomous. Tending towards a definition of smartphone on wheels, vehicles need more technology, less weight and better use of available space.

Software is all about what Arkamys stands for, using its audio algorithms, automatic features and the amazing skills of its engineers to transcend the sound of future cars.

Our Mission

Arkamys is the world’s pure player leader in the domain of audio software and automatic tuning tools for the automotive industry.

The innovative company has a global expertise in the realm of high-quality 3D sound enhancement and custom designed algorithms, bringing to the market a Premium sound experience to mainstream models and transcending the sound of high-end models.
Arkamys is a leading force worldwide in the automotive sound processing market, with more than 80 million cars on the road today equipped with its specialized audio technologies and with offices located in France and subsidiaries in Germany, Korea, China, Japan and the US.

“We believe that innovation is the way to change how we experience sound”

More than 35 car manufacturers around the world trust Arkamys’ expertise for more than 15 years and 1 car out of 2 in Europe is implemented with Arkamys solutions. In China, 9 out of 10 main domestic manufacturers already chose to work with Arkamys to enhance their sound systems.

A unique experience that takes its roots in the music world and the cult Château d’Hérouville studio next to Paris, where the greatest rock bands and pop singers recorded memorable albums. Arkamys has a rich history in the film & music industries with more than 200 movies and music albums using Arkamys’ spatialization process. A sound of absolute quality taken from post-production expertise to the road.

Our Values


Our passion drives our ambition to expand internationally to get closer to our customers

We propose Innovative Solutions to our customers pushing the boundaries further and beating the odds
We relentlessly explore uncharted ways of delighting our Customers, offering unique audio experiences
We never give up, delivering Superior Solutions


We take care of our clients by constantly focusing on providing the best Solutions, no matter how challenging the situations

We persistently pursue Excellence by providing tailored Solutions to exceed expectations
We care about each other as we’re a close-knit community of experts thriving to make a difference in the World
We are proud of our teams of talented people collaborating with high ambitions


Our customers inspire us to deliver Superior Solutions everyday, everywhere

We take our customers demands as a gift to innovate by pushing the boundaries further
We inspire our Customers to consider new ways to transcend any technical boundary
We are inspired to deliver bespoke solutions to delight our customers

Our People

Arkamys is a constantly growing company thanks to its international development. While raising our global footprint, we count on the contribution of new talents from all over the world to take new international challenges.

Expertise to achieve your audio excellence