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Smart Tuning

Automatized In-Vehicle Tuning System

Smart Tuning is a solution package that allows the Car OEM to make in-vehicle SoundStage tunings independently after a training and a certification. SoundStage is an embedded software solution that improves in-vehicle audio quality and enhances user experience for all types of head unit systems.

The solution results in the association of software and hardware to perform in-vehicle tunings in a limited time and the best productivity thanks to features such as acoustic measurements, digital signal analysis, automatic definition of tuning coefficients and generation of calibration files.

It is compatible with Arkamys H/U embedded software SoundStage Core & Classic.

Smart Tuning Solution Bundle

SoundStage Processing

Embedded Software in the Head-Unit

Smart Tuning Tool

PC-based Software Tool for real-time DSP control

Smart Tuning Acquisition System

Hardware gear with microphones, arrays and a sound card

Smart Tuning Training & Certification

5-day training session with hands-on vehicle tuning & a quick start guide

Smart Tuning

The Smart Tuning Tool is a semi-automatic software making tuning easier and more efficient.

This tool provides automatic features that gives users the ability to create listening profiles for SoundStage solutions. The Smart Tuning Tool is aimed at Car OEM audio teams. This tool is easy to use thanks to its user-friendly graphic interface with a step-by-step wizard. It allows fast, efficient and cost-effective in-vehicle tuning.

Real-Time Tool

The Smart Tuning Tool is a PC tool generating listening profiles and sending coefficients to the SoundStage solution embedded in the H/U. It allows to control in real-time the coefficients of Arkamys algorithms in the target DSP.


Robust and repeatable on each of the car OEM’s vehicles, the Smart Tuning Tool includes measurement features, objective automatic calculation modules and many other real-time procedures.


Creation of custom target sound curves presets that reflects the Car OEM’s brand image

Definition of the right algorithm parameters, specific to each vehicle acoustics

Use of advanced algorithm controls

Sending of coefficients to the target DSP in real-time

Generation of the necessary data to program the H/U and to control the written coefficients

Protection based on a dongle security protection


Fast and efficient in-vehicle tuning

Standardization of the tuning process through a step-by-step wizard HMI

Automatization of the tuning is a way to objectification

Reduction of prototypes usage, immobilization and human resources

The process can be conducted by audio operators while audio experts are only needed for the final tuning and validation

Cost-effective and easy to handle

Training & Certification Program

The Smart Tuning training is performed by an Arkamys audio expert. The program takes place at the Car OEM facilities, it includes a 5-day training session with a presentation of the tools and a hands-on through in-vehicle tuning activities.

A certification will be delivered at the end of the training session to the people who attended.

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