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3D Sound Alerts

In-Vehicle Spatialized Alerts

3D Sound Alerts offers a complementary software to ADAS and audio HMI systems by providing a dynamic 3D sound alert positioning and motion effect to optimize the perception, the awareness and the sensations of the driver. This solution uses the existing door speakers and does not require hardware modification.


Driving Alert

BSW (Blind Spot Warning)

Arc of circle from the rear left/right to the front left/right of the vehicle


LDW (Lane Departure Warning System)

Arc of circle, left/right to front of the driver


Cross Traffic

Predefined trajectories depending on the origin of the danger (left/right, front/left)

Info Sounds

Turn Signals

Arc of circle, starting in the middle of the dashboard ending on the left/right side of the windshield


PAS (Parking Assistant System)

Accurate position of the obstacles


Seat Belt Warning

2 consecutive fixed points: top left of the driver then bottom right of the driver

Comfort Sounds


Panning sound in the car cabin playing in all the speakers, turning around the driver’s head


HMI beeps & Ringtones

Focus in front of the central display

NAV Prompts

Navigation System

Focus in the left/right of the windscreen or in the middle of the dashboard

The Alerts listed are suggestions, the list may change depending on the OEM use case.

3D Sound Alerts allows the spatialized render of both static and trajectory-based sound alerts.


Improved Customer’s Safety

Audible alarms become more intuitive, meaningful and helpful

Additional spatialized information improving the driver’s response time

Reduce the driver’s cognitive load

HMI/UI Cognitive ergonomics

Higher Safety Performance

Consumers’ growing interest in safety features

Improvement of consumers’ perception of the brand through the development of safety technologies.

Enhanced Perceived Quality

Improved sound alerts quality using the car’s existing speakers

Strengthening / promotion of sound identity through processing for audio enhancement and customization

Resulting in a competitive advantage towards the other car manufacturers

Cost Effective

Using existing speakers and head-unit

Possible hardware removing (“buzzers”) à hardware reduction

Weight/power consumption decreased by replacing hardware by software

Cross TR1 & platform approach for transversal & quality over vehicles

Static Sound Alerts

Static sound alerts will be positioned at the most relevant place and will not be subject to motion

Trajectory-Based Sound Alerts

Trajectory-based sound alerts will allow the audio to follow a pre-defined trajectory inside the car cabin to accompany the motion of the subject through audio spatialization

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