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Integration & Audio Frameworks

Offering easy integration and a broad compatibility with audio frameworks & architectures

Architectures & Development

By normalizing the generic adaptation, Arkamys aims to reduce development duration & complexity.

Arkamys is currently working with major Android Auto OS stakeholders in order to optimize the integration process development.

  • Working with major Android Auto OS stakeholders to collaborate with the community and to create a reference integration package for each new OS version
  • Strong collaboration with leading chipset manufacturers with reference design and architecture
  • Studying both integration in HAL (ARM core) and off-loading (audio DSP)

Frameworks & Compatibility

With no hardware modification and with short time-to-market, the SoundStage solutions provide cutting-edge audio features for the automotive with easy integration and a broad compatibility with audio frameworks & architectures.

With high modularity and configurability, Arkamys is compatible with many proprietary Audio frameworks such as Blackberry QNX, Android, Qualcomm Elite/AudioReach and many other patented frameworks.

Chipset Makers

The cross-sharing of resources, technology and materials in the domain of semiconductors is essential to the innovation of the industry.

This trusted relationship between partners gives Arkamys two distinct advantages: Availability of its technology on customers’ target components (time to market) and Efficiency thanks to low processor usage to respond quickly, to adapt and to optimize the technology on these targets.

Process Engineering & Quality

Arkamys engineering processes are the state of the art of the automotive software ecosystem. Our teams have been certified A-SPICE Level 2 at the end of 2021, and we are currently deploying capitalized best practices in order to reach level 3 before 2024. Our processes ensure delivering quality and security requirements of our customers with a full compliance towards them.

Engineering projects at Arkamys run through agile mode and whenever it is relevant, through agile scalability framework. Arkamys’ global organization spanned over China, Japan, Korea, USA and Europe sites addresses ISO 9001 requirements.

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