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Tools & Services

Our Tuning Expertise

Each car silhouette is unique and is specifically tuned by our “Golden Ears” audio experts. Thanks to their exceptional listening ability and our custom software tools, they shape the sound of the car cabin to bring the best out of the implemented audio system.

Custom Sound Signature

Arkamys provides tailor-made Ambiences and highly personalized audio features to bring a unique Sound Signature according to the wishes of car manufacturers to feed their brand identity across their ranges.

Our Advanced Tuning Software

The SAT (Sound Adjustment Tool) is Arkamys’ proprietary PC Software, sending coefficients to the target DSP processor in real time.

Our engineers and sound experts are then able to fine-tune car sound systems and audio features. The tool helps sound professionals to create custom sound presets and generate a calibration file for Arkamys embedded software to program the head-unit.

Smart Tuning

Arkamys has developed Smart Tuning : a semi-automatic software tool making tuning easier and more efficient. This tool provides automatic features that give users the ability to perform audio tunings.

The Smart Tuning Tool is aimed at car OEM experts. This tool is easy to use allows fast, efficient and cost-effective in-vehicle tuning while reducing prototype time usage.

Consulting & Training

Thanks to our expertise, we can provide support through consulting and upstream studies on vehicle audio systems & monitoring. This may include the choice of speakers, the type of technology (actuators, compact speakers, etc.) as well as their location and orientation.

We also offer audio training to increase the audio skills of manufacturers’ experts. Arkamys has developed the Golden Ears Training Program, providing the necessary knowledge and skills that are required to reach superior in-vehicle audio quality.

Expertise to achieve your audio excellence