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Vehicle Architecture

Bringing an exceptional audio experience regardless of the implemented hardware

Cost, Weight & Size reduction

Arkamys software technology offers manufacturer-friendly perks, like scalability, space/volume and weight savings, reduced components, and concealed integration.

Arkamys is able to combine its sound enhancement software with various Tier 1 speaker and actuator configurations, and then select the best to fine-tune. Using our market-proven SoundStage solution, we can reach an unprecedent in-car listening experience with new speaker technology, small speakers and even without any speaker. Arkamys only provides software solutions, to enhance hardware provided by Tier 1s.

Compact Speakers

Compact speakers are the answer to some of the greatest challenges for car OEMs. Thanks to the speaker size and quality reached today by speaker manufacturers, incredible savings are made in terms of space/volume and weight, while still achieving high-quality audio rendering in the car cabin.

Thanks to our software solutions, we can bring our signature sound rendering and audio experience to vehicles equipped with way smaller speakers. Arkamys only provides software solutions, to enhance hardware provided by Tier 1s.


Sound actuators represent an absolute game-changer for vehicle audio hardware, replacing conventional speakers with actuators. Actuators do not require a grille like conventional speakers would do.

Arkamys sound enhancement software and algorithms are compatible with various loudspeaker and actuators (hybrid configuration) or 100% actuators, and then select the best to fine-tune.

Arkamys only provides software solutions, to enhance hardware provided by Tier 1s.

Headrest Speakers

Arkamys Headrest Processing is a 100% Software solution.

This solution offers a unique way to enjoy audio in cars and allows an optimal sound render and spatialization around and for the driver and passengers. It can process all types of audio (Media, Alerts, NAV and Voice) and comes with a set of audio features, increasing the performances in terms of media enhancement, in-car communication and bass rendering.

This solution uses the existing built-in headrest speakers to enhance sound quality and provide an unparalleled audio experience. Arkamys only provides software solutions, to enhance hardware provided by Tier 1s.

Tuning Expertise & Productivity

Smart Tuning is a semi-automatic software making tuning easier and more efficient. This tool provides automatic features that give users the ability to perform audio tunings for SoundStage solutions.

The Smart Tuning Tool is aimed at car OEM experts. This tool is easy to use, allowing fast, efficient and cost-effective in-vehicle tuning while reducing prototype time usage.

Arkamys’ expertise is demonstrated through its technologies, but also by the talents of its teams, in particular its “Golden Ears” sound engineers.

Process Engineering & Quality

Arkamys engineering processes are the state of the art of the automotive software ecosystem. Our teams have been certified A-SPICE Level 2 at the end of 2021 and we are currently deploying capitalized best practices in order to reach level 3 before 2024. Our processes ensure delivering quality and security requirements of our customers with a full compliance towards them.

Engineering projects at Arkamys run through agile mode and whenever it is relevant, through agile scalability framework. Arkamys’ global organization spanned over China, Japan, Korea, USA and Europe sites addresses ISO 9001 requirements.

Expertise to achieve your audio excellence