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Continental sound actuators were installed in a demonstration vehicle originally equipped with conventional commodity speakers.
Arkamys combined its sound enhancement software with various loudspeaker and actuator configurations, and then selected the best to fine-tune.
The result is remarkable.

Continental actuators do not require a grille like conventional speakers would do. All other hardware and software components of the vehicle remain the same!

“The combination of our speakerless Ac2ated Sound solution and Arkamys’ in-vehicle audio software has empowered us to create a revolutionary alternative audio solution specifically for volume market car lines”, says Ulrich Lueders, head of strategy and portfolio at Continental’s business unit Human Machine Interface.

Continental actuators give OEMs new freedom in interior design: audio sources become invisible, with fewer components, space and weight savings are up to 90% greater, allowing OEMs to reduce their vehicle’s CO2 emissions.

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