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Audio Enhancement Software for Automotive

Arkamys audio experts have developed a modular, scalable and embedded media enhancement software solution for OEMs.
This solution enhances user experience through Ambiences available for the end users and improves in-vehicle audio quality for all types of head unit systems, from entry-level to premium. It reduces the cost and the weight of the system without requiring extra hardware.
This solution is called SoundStage.

SoundStage is specifically tuned for each vehicle model and provides a high-fidelity sound and tailor-made Ambiences thanks to advanced audio technologies, offering an improved listening pleasure to all the vehicle’s passengers.


With the SoundStage audio processing and spatialization, the sound is breathtakingly clear and defined, while surrounding the driver and passengers in the car cabin. SoundStage ensures a perfectly balanced distribution of sound regardless of the seat occupied in the vehicle.


Arkamys Ambiences are designed by our electro-acoustic engineers and are specifically tuned for each vehicle equipped with SoundStage. Ambiences aim to offer the best possible rendering and spatialization of the sound according to each music / track.

Bass Management

The objective is to take into consideration the speaker mechanical and acoustical characteristics in the digital processing and during tuning process.

The new Bass Management algorithms developed by Arkamys allow the rendering of lower frequencies with a better percussive impact and with reduced rattle noise and THD. Our algorithms capability is then extended, and lower frequencies can be rendered while protecting the speakers. It is based on physical measurements to qualify and correct the speaker behavior at all frequencies and levels.


The maturity of the algorithmic architecture and tools developed by Arkamys offer better management of the premium audio systems complexity to get the best out of each vehicle acoustics.

Our Golden Ears audio experts can shape the soundwaves taking into account every curve and surface of the car cabin to achieve pure, natural and powerful sound.

Arkamys premium processing creates sound envelopment and improves the immersivity with a subtle balanced, wide and precise surround image and a sound scene of great finesse, more audiophile and realistic.



Getting rid of the speaker positions to feel music like in a concert venue or at home with your home cinema.

Bass Exciter

Enhances the low frequencies rendering all over the volume range by increasing the transients and makes use of a psychoacoustic algorithm to simulate the perception of very low frequencies.

Sound Personalization

Setting of a sound signature according to the wishes of the car manufacturer.

Upmix Management

The Multichannel Upmix Management feature transforms stereo audio into 5.1 surround sound that envelopes the passengers and driver.


Surround sound that envelops the occupants and enhances the audio quality.

Speed-Dependent features

Automatically adjusts the perceived sound pressure level and frequency rendering at all volume steps according to the car’s speed. Compensates for the masking effects of road noise by receiving speed information from the CAN.

Automatic Gain Control

Maintains a constant and comfortable volume no matter the level of the audio track and source.


Improved audio quality with respect of the sound timbre

Lifted sound scene and wider stage

3D sound positioning in the car cabin

Bass enhancement, deeper and better defined

Speed dependent features

No additional hardware and no hardware change

Definition of the OEM sound signature

Enhanced user experience thanks to tailor-made sound Ambiences

Modular and scalable solution with support from 2 to 20+ output channels

Available from 2 speakers to 10+ speakers

SoundStage Solution


  • Full suite of Automotive audio processing
  • Available on major embedded platforms (DSP, ARM)
  • Optimized footprint / Low MCPS consumption
  • Scalability to support from 2 to 20+ output channels
  • Modular, customizable and flexible architecture
  • Real-time Sound Adjustment Tool (SAT) to perform in-vehicle tunings
  • Flexible tool to define audio SW architecture
  • Designed by and for Sound Engineers
  • Automatized sound tuning (Smart Tuning) for productivity
  • Automotive Golden Ears team
  • OEM sound signature definition
  • Local multi-disciplinary team in every region

Expertise to achieve your audio excellence