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Premium Audio


Arkamys premium processing creates sound envelopment and improves the immersivity with a subtle balanced, wide and precise surround image and a sound scene of great finesse, more audiophile and realistic.

Peugeot 408 Use-Case

The new Peugeot 408 features Arkamys SoundStage Premium digital signal processing. The combination of the Focal Premium HiFi system and Arkamys’ exceptional advanced tools, algorithms & meticulous tailor-made tuning results in an unprecedented sound experience.

“On board, the soundscape is stable and precise, voices are clear and detailed, and the bass is deep and impactful”

Peugeot 308 Use-Case

Arkamys collaborated with Peugeot and Focal for the development of the unique sound of the new 308. The use of the 2020 Arkamys Soundstage High allows to add all the power of digital processing to the Focal hardware know-how to obtain the best performance from the Premium Focal audio system.

The maturity of the algorithmic architecture and tools offer better management of the system’s complexity and its 12 amplified channels to get the best out of the vehicle’s acoustics.

Audio experts have shaped the soundwaves taking into account every curve and surface of the car cabin to achieve pure, natural and powerful sound in the new Peugeot 308. The power of the Surround processing creates sound envelopment and improves the immersivity. The Stager and Center Extract algorithms offer a very subtle management of the stereophonic image while guaranteeing its balance.
The sound stage is then taller, wider and more precise. Thanks to the Bass Management and speaker protection treatments, the reproduction of low and very low frequencies is further reinforced and controlled.

Finally, for more fidelity and immersion, the new Arkamys Driver Mode offers a sound scene of great finesse, more audiophile and realistic.

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