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Road Noise Management

In-Cabin Noise Management Software

Arkamys, renowned for its expertise in audio technology, has introduced a 100% software solution, Road Noise Management, designed to tackle the complexities of road noise in the vehicle environment. This innovative solution offers a modular, scalable, and embedded approach to managing in-cabin noise and enhancing acoustic comfort. By addressing road noise challenges, Arkamys not only fosters driver attention but also elevates the overall media listening experience.

With Road Noise Management, Arkamys is leveraging the existing equipment in the car, making it a cost-effective and lightweight solution, redefining the in-vehicle acoustic landscape, promising an enhanced listening pleasure for all vehicle occupants.

Road Noise Management

Arkamys has developed technological answers to road noise problematics in vehicle environment for all vehicle ranges.
With better in-vehicle noise management, driver attention is fostered, and media listening enhanced.

Adaptative Algorithms

Arkamys excels in the art of algorithms that power the ‘Road Noise Management’ solution. These algorithms are finely tuned to analyze and adapt to a variety of in-cabin sounds, such as engine noise, road noise, HVAC noise, or structural vibrations. They quickly generate corresponding anti-noise profiles, efficiently reducing the detected sounds. Arkamys’ algorithms are the key to a quieter, more serene driving experience, dynamically countering the diverse noise challenges drivers encounter.

Noise Canceller Technology

The ‘Road Noise Management’ technology functions in three key steps. It starts by capturing and characterizing in-cabin noise, then uses adaptive filtering and noise cancellation techniques to generate corresponding anti-noise profiles. Finally, it deploys additional processing to effectively cover and mask the remaining noise sources. This process guarantees a peaceful driving environment by intelligently countering various noise challenges.

From Mainstream to High-End

Our Road Noise Management offer is a 100% software solution allowing you to leverage built-in equipment, making it a cost-efficient way to improve in-cabin acoustic comfort.

However, our software is also capable of seamlessly adapting to premium solutions with high-end hardware, such as accelerometers as signal input and sound-enhanced headrests, to generate the anti-noise.

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