Arkamys & EyeLights: Elevating In-Car Experiences at CES 2024 | Arkamys

Arkamys & EyeLights: Elevating In-Car Experiences at CES 2024

Arkamys Partners with EyeLights for Groundbreaking In-Car Experience at CES 2024

Arkamys is thrilled to partner with EyeLights at CES 2024, presenting a revolutionary in-car experience with the first production vehicle integrating Augmented Reality, holographic projection, and an AI GPT copilot. This collaboration redefines the future of vehicle cockpits, focusing on enhanced safety, intuition, and resource efficiency.

EyeLights’ AI copilot, powered by Open AI, transforms cockpit interaction and content engagement, setting new industry standards embraced by seven major automotive manufacturers. Arkamys adds a crucial sensory dimension, providing immersive sound and personal audio experiences directly from the headrests.

Alexis Charbonnel, Deputy Executive Director of Arkamys, notes the synergy, saying, “Our CES 2024 involvement is a fantastic opportunity to blend visual innovation with audio excellence, ensuring an immersive and personalized journey for each passenger through our personal sound solution.”

Join us at EyeLights’ stand at CES to experience this groundbreaking collaboration.

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