Arkamys Expertise in Audio

ARKAMYS has worked in the world of audio for over 15 years and has earned the trust and confidence of industry partners from around the world.Their tightly-knit but globally renown team features a unique blend of experts that deliver the best sound quality by integrating a variety of perspectives.


ARKAMYS brings together specialists working on the science of sound and professionals with a deep understanding of user listening experiences. These audio engineers, sound researchers, acousticians, and other industry actors work together to develop new software solutions and provide tools and services to the automotive, mobile device, and VR industries.

The Science of Sound

The ARKAMYS specialists are highly trained to work across various markets on the following types of audio:

  • ACOUSTIC: audio transmission through radio wave frequencies
  • ELECTRO-ACOUSTIC: improving microphones and speakers
  • DIGITAL AUDIO AND SPEECH SIGNAL PROCESSING: clearer sound no matter the environment
  • AUDIO SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE: designed with efficiency
  • EMBEDDED SOFTWARE: customized and easily added to any product

Expertise that Gives Users the Best in Sound Quality and Listening Comfort

ARKAMYS knows that perfect sound perception is all about being exposed to sound in the right way at the right time.

Sound quality is only improved objectively by regulating frequencies and levels, but also subjectively by using industry experts dubbed “Golden Ears”, which is a term that evolved from military jargon where it was used to refer to listening experts. ARKAMYS specialists work together with clients from start to finish in order to create superb audio capture and/or rendering experiences for every user.

While the ARKAMYS audio experts have vast knowledge about the entire audio field, they also have in-depth knowledge in the following areas:

  • Getting the best performance from all types of audio devices

  • Enhancing audio recordings by reducing background noise, echo, and reverb

  • Optimizing sound processing for DSPs, host processors, and more

  • Improving audio quality on even the smallest hardware

  • Defining customized audio system architectures

  • Reducing production materials through software solutions