Arkamys Expertise in Audio

ARKAMYS, a human-size company, has worked in the world of sound for over 15 years and has earned the trust and confidence of the industry-at-large.

Their expertise is created by bringing together specialists in the science of sound and professionals with a deep understanding of the listening experience.

The Science of Sound

Sound can only come alive through technology. ARKAMYS’s technology makes sound come alive with hardware and software solutions that create the best audio quality for analog and digital signals.

  • Acoustic: audio transmission through radio wave frequencies
  • Electro-acoustic: improving microphones and speakers
  • Digital Audio and Speech Signal Processing
  • Audio System Architecture
  • Embedded software: personalized design for each product

The Listening Experience

At ARKAMYS, we believe that perfect sound perception and the best listening experience is all about being exposed to sound in the right way at the right time.

Sound quality can not only be improved objectively by regulating frequencies and levels, but also subjectively by using industry experts dubbed “Golden Ears”*. Our talented experts strive to perfect sound and accompany our clients from start to finish on every product innovation project with this goal in mind.

*Golden ears:
Military jargon used to describe an officer responsible for listening to sound activity coming from the outside of a building.

Arkamys' Know-how

  • Improve sound reproduction by pushing the performance of audio devices
  • Improve sound recording by reducing background noise, echo and reverb
  • Optimize sound processing for DSP, host processors…
  • Improve sound on miniaturizing hardware, signal treatment and processing power
  • Define customized audio system architectures
  • Reduce production material on Ecotech products by creating alternative software solutions