Arkamys Audio Solutions

  • 3D Sound Alerts

    Superior Safety for Every Vehicle

    ARKAMYS 3D Sound Alerts make your vehicle’s safety and audio features better and even more user-friendly with a cost-saving fully embedded software solution. By using Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) and audio spatialization, this new audio software improves all types of warning sounds in all types of vehicles.

    These 3D Sound alerts are specifically designed to work with Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS). This new software solution spatializes all types of audio warning signals including but not limited to: blind spot detection, left/right turn signals, lane departure warnings, collision avoidance alerts, and parking assistance sounds as well as enhancing navigation assistance and voice commands.

    The state-of-the-art 3D Sound Alerts from ARKAMYS lessen the driver’s cognitive load by creating more comfortable and natural in-vehicle audio warnings.These advanced sound alerts are designed to change according to the distance and motion of potential hazards around the car. These improved alerts help drivers more intuitively detect danger by providing a sense of where the potential dangers are located. 3D Sound Alerts from ARKAMYS can be embedded in any vehicle from entry-level to luxury and the sounds can be modified to fit the car manufacturer’s sound signature.

    • Tools & Services

      Tools & Services

      The car audio professionals behind the ARKAMYS 3D Sound Alerts also offer the following tools and services:

      Tuning: “Golden Ears”, ARKAMYS’ top audio experts,improve frequency responses to create unparalleled listening comfort for every type of vehicle.

      Sound Adjustment Toolset: This kit for PCs sends coefficients to the target DSP in real time and allows engineers and audio experts from ARKAMYS control and adjust vehicle audio systems.

    • Benefits


      • Enhanced vehicle alerts
      • No additional hardware required
      • Cost-effective solution
      • Compatible with any car audio system
      • Software can be integrated into head units or external audio amplifiers
      • Tuned by the ARKAMYS “Golden Ears”
      • Improved safety and comfort for every customer
      • Enhanced sound perception and quality with existing built-in speakers
      • Sounds stay consistent with the car OEM’s signature sound