Arkamys Tools & Services

Infotainment Expertise for the Automotive Market

The ARKAMYS experts offer a range of tools and services designed for the needs of the car industry
In the same way ARKAMYS software solutions like SoundStage bring audio excellence to your car audio system, ARKAMYS sound consulting brings sound superiority directly to your team. Whether you want specialized audio tools that will help your brand improve sound quality, need advice on your product’s hardware, or want your whole team to be more informed about the best practices in in-vehicle sound, ARKAMYS has you covered with their professional, worldwide support, based on numerous years of expertise in the automotive audio field.

Sound Adjustment Toolset

For car OEMs, both the testing and production aspects of in-vehicle tunings require tools to help define algorithm parameters which have to be specific to each vehicle’s acoustics. The ARKAMYS Sound Adjustment Toolset is a PC-based kit that sends coefficients to the target DSP processor in real time. The engineers and sound experts from ARKAMYS will then be able to regulate and fine-tune your sound systems. The same tool will then be used to generate the data to program the head unit and to control the written coefficients. The toolset also helps sound professionals create custom sound presets that reflect the car OEMs brand and image.

The following features are included:

  • User friendly graphic interface: the same design, control organization and file saving is used for all the target platforms or projects
  • Presets/profiles capabilities for quick comparisons
  • Visualizations for EQ curves, meters, etc.
  • Automatic modules for EQs and delays
  • DSP layer: this module performs all the computation between user parameters and DSP coefficients
  • Communication: this layer manages the coefficient R/W to/from the DSP, including low level coefficient analysis
  • Calibration: this layer is in charge of generating a file that contains all the tuning parameters
  • Export module: allows easy exporting of tuning session data



EzTune makes tuning easier and more efficient by providing a semi-automatic calibration module that is integrated on same software layer and with the same communications protocols as other ARKAMYS software and features. This exciting new tool will provide an automatic EQ feature that gives users the ability to generate a calibration file for ARKAMYS solutions. EZtune allows car OEM experts to initiate acoustic or speaker studies and comes with a step-by-step guide the assist the operator. The result is a precisely defined tuning process that includes measurement features, objective automatic calculation modules and many other procedures.

Benefits include:

  • Tuning process standardization
  • A more objective tuning process through automatization
  • Reduction of prototype usage and immobilization

Golden Ears Audio Training

Sound has become a major part of nearly all UX, so it is important that teams know how to deliver the best audio quality. The ARKAMYS“Golden Ears” training will help professional participants acquire critical listening skills that will be useful incarrying out internal benchmarking of audio products and doing product evaluation. These skills will help trainees evaluate the audio of their own products and that of other products on the market. They will also gain an understanding of the audio capabilities of their company’s product, which will give them more confidence in using audio principles and terminology while they talk about and sell their products.

Additionally, there are several benefits to the company as a whole when you send your employees for the ARKAMYS Golden Ears Audio training, including:

  • Getting a reliable audio reference for the whole team
  • Building a shared set of audio principles across the company
  • Streamlining the audio evaluation process
  • Increase Tuning competencies

Custom Tuning

With custom tuning from the ARKAMYS “Golden Ears” experts you can give your customers an unparalleled sound experience. With in-vehicle customization for each vehicle, you get audio excellence for every vehicle you produce.
Each tuning session adapts the audio rendering to the vehicle’s specific acoustics. The tuning is performed on-site, by an ARKAMYS sound specialist using the Sound Adjustment Toolset and following your project’s schedule.Like artist painting a canvas, the Golden Ears create your unique sound signature.

After any tuning session, a common validation is performed using the car manufacturers’ assessment methods. The specific adaptation delivery is the electro-acoustic parameters of the vehicle for which a tuning has been performed and validated.

Electro Acoustic Expertise

ARKAMYS engineers can support car OEMs and Tier1 suppliers in their efforts to define an audio signature, establish an audio architecture, or improve speaker positioning. With full stack skills, ARKAMYS offers not only software integration advice, but also expert guidance for issues along the whole audio chain. Often when contracting ARKAMYS for these services, companies have found the following benefits:

  • Cost savings
  • Risks limitation
  • Overall audio improvement
  • Standard audio features design such as Volume/loudness

ARKAMYS Graph Designer

The current audio landscape for automotive infotainment is increasingly complex, constantly requiring more applications and more connectivity. In this setting, the need for open and modular architecture is key.

ARKAMYS Graph Designer is an advanced set of tools for fast prototyping, and system design for in-vehicle digital signal processing.

The Graph Designer tool from ARKAMYS has a modular and plug-in based architecture that can handle various audio formats and sample rates and support 2-12+ channels. It gives you direct control over the latency of the audio paths and the flexibility to assess various trade-offs in audio design. Using a modular approach for embedded audio systems, fast prototyping becomes an easy task for developers and designers who can also use this tool to evaluate and compare the efficiency of different algorithms.

Key Benefits

  • Save development costs with this re-configurable and re-usable tool
  • Reduce development risks by quickly evaluating multiple in-house and 3rd party solutions
  • Get a faster time-to-market with this efficient tool that increases scalability and optimizes everyone’s time