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With the evolution of customer expectations and the arrival of new technologies, automotive manufacturers demand better audio quality, better comfort and improved user experiences. We meet these expectations and go even beyond by offering customers a whole new way to enjoy sound in vehicles.


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Car manufacturers expect solutions to improve in-car experience and vehicle economy. Speaker suppliers propose new technologies to reduce size, weight & cost. Regardless of the hardware implemented, Arkamys software and expertise bring an exceptional audio experience and allows fast, efficient & cost-effective in-vehicle tuning.


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Current automotive trends such as connectivity, electric or autonomous vehicles allow new in-car usages. Arkamys industry leading software innovations tend to embrace these new needs. Our goal is to offer drivers and passengers an unprecedented way to experience personalized and connected audio in their car.


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& Audio Frameworks

Arkamys’ modular software solutions offer easy integration and a broad compatibility with audio frameworks & architectures.


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90 Million vehicles worldwide carry their passengers in the Arkamys sound dimension

Arkamys is the world’s leading pure player in the domain of audio software and sound enhancement algorithms, bringing to the market a Premium sound experience to the automotive industry.

About us

“Unprecedented sensations thanks to an incredible sound when driving”

Carmakers share with us desire to bring excellence, attention to detail and an extraordinary vehicle experience to the automotive world. Thanks to audio processing and spatialization, Arkamys surround sound is breathtakingly clear and defined. Each of our tailor-made Ambiences transports the driver and passengers to a unique sound universe, enhancing the driving experience with a symphony of emotions.


Arkamys SoundStage improves the sound quality, the sensation of space and clarity while respecting the original timbre, when the previous sound scene is low, lateralized and lacks clarity. A pure software expertise processing, without the need to add hardware.

Road Noise Management

Arkamys Road Noise Management is a 100% software solution designed to tackle the complexities of road noise in the vehicle environment. With Road Noise Management, Arkamys is leveraging the existing equipment in the car, making it a cost-effective and lightweight solution, redefining the in-vehicle acoustic landscape, promising an enhanced listening pleasure for all vehicle occupants.

Smart Tuning

Smart Tuning is a solution package that allows the Car OEM to make in-vehicle SoundStage tunings independently after a training and a certification. SoundStage is an embedded software solution that improves in-vehicle audio quality and enhances user experience for all types of head unit systems.

3D Sound Alerts

3D Sound Alerts offers a complementary software to ADAS and audio HMI systems by providing a dynamic 3D sound alert positioning and motion effect to optimize the perception, the awareness and the sensations of the driver. This solution uses the existing door speakers and does not require hardware modification.

Tools & Services

The Arkamys experts offer a range of tools and services designed for the needs of the car industry, from tuning expertise to software tools, consulting and training.

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We collaborate with the whole ecosystem to offer the best audio experience to the automotive world.

We are a team of passionate individuals dedicated to bringing about smart, innovative audio solutions

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