Arkamys Innovation

ARKAMYS believes that innovation is the way to change how we experience and use sound.

  • ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION ENGINE SOUND ENHANCEMENT Reduce noise in your vehicle or simply make it sound better
  • Voice Recognition Background-noise reduction and intelligible language recognition
  • Sound Bubbles Create independent sound zones in your vehicle
  • 3D ADAS - Alerts Sound spatialization warnings for danger zones, potential collisions and blind spots
  • E-Health
    "The car that cares"
    Audio assistance for the hearing impaired

innovative products

The difference between innovation and invention is just a partnership away. ARKAMYS seeks to unite great ideas in Sound, with the right partners in order to develop, transform, modify, produce, and market new products.

Despite not being a full-time research laboratory, ARKAMYS engineers are experts in the sector and know how to identify the technological advancements that can be integrated into their products.


Define the concept
Build a prototype

ARKAMYS regularly participates in collaborative projects allowing skills and talents to mix and collectively create new product innovations.

The teams at ARKAMYS are all moved by the same passion – sound. We constantly imagine new ways give people access to great quality sound, everywhere.

Everyday our experts are working with our clients’ innovation teams to create the audio solutions of tomorrow.

Our teams are creating the future!

Innovation: our teams are improving ARKAMYS' solutions for better user experiences.

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