ARKAMYS CTO of VR Talks Inspiration and Innovation  

Frédéric Amadu, CTO of VR and Mobile at ARKAMYS, shares his thoughts on what inspires him in the tech world and what advancements he is most looking forward to working on.

Posted 04/02/2017 on The future of sound

A graduate of the engineering school ENSEA, Frédéric Amadu has been working on the cutting edge of audio for over ten years, as a DSP engineer, an innovation manager, and now as the CTO for VR and Mobile at ARKAMYS. Today, he shares his thoughts on innovation and inspiration in the audio world.

What inspires you as the CTO of VR audio? 

For me, what I find most exciting is trying to get to the technology of tomorrow today. For example, while Facebook just launched the Live 360 with 360 audio and has said that “Cameras with integrated support for spatial audio in Live 360 are coming soon”, at ARKAMYS we’ve already developed the VR-Capture solution that will provide integrated 360 audio capture for cameras and mobile devices.

In general, I really enjoy the cutting-edge research our whole team does at ARKAMYS. We have access to superb research facilities and brilliant researchers that inspire me every day.  We have worked with some of the top audio research labs in the world on audio projects such as: Bili, which is a collaborative research project focused on binaural listening in conjunction with IRCAM and LIMSI, as well as Live360TV in cooperation with INRIA, Telecom Paris, and Kolor/Gopro.

These VR, AR, and spatial audio collaborations push our engineers to be the very best researchers, while our focus on products and service means they are using their expertise for real-world applications not just academic hypotheticals. When we provide services to other companies, they get engineers and acousticians who are constantly being exposed to vibrant and academically-rigorous research who are also used to making actual products. That’s how we make the future happen in the present and that is what I find most inspiring.

In terms of the virtual reality and augmented reality markets, what are the next big innovations that you are excited to work on?

VR is one challenge that’s very fun but mixed reality/AR audio is really the next big innovation challenge for me. In a few years, I hope you won’t see or hear the difference between what is real and what is artificial.  This type of advancement makes me think of the TV show Black Mirror. Thrilling, captivating, and new.

I’m excited to see how we will mix together real sounds and virtual sounds to create a complete audio experience. We need to add sound capture systems onto VR headsets to mix real and virtual sound together or modify the surrounding sounds. I think one of the next steps is improving headphones with microphones, so that users can transform the real-life sound by mixing it with virtual sound in simple user-friendly ways.

For virtual reality, I think ARKAMYS is already taking the next big step with our VR-Capture and VR-play solutions that will allow 360 audio capture and playback on mobile phones, all-in-one 360 cameras and other small devices.

What makes ARKAMYS unique? 

For me, it’s the passionate and talented people. We have the perfect mix of acousticians, Golden Ears sound engineers, and DSP PhDs. With these people, we are able to offer a range of services beyond our cutting-edge products. We can offer consultations for mechanical designs and capture capabilities measurements, acoustic recommendations to ensure the best Ambisonic quality, and design audio DSP architecture for things like microphones, converters, amplifiers, audio frameworks, and compression systems. Everyone who works here has an innovative mind and I think that makes ARKAMYS really special.

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