Arkamys Features

The Best Possible Audio for Every Vehicle

ARKAMYS has a long history of working in the car industry with well-known car OEMs. This in-depth knowledge of the industry has given ARKAMYS insights into what audio improvements and experiences drivers and passengers really want. Every ARKAMYS automotive software solution provides features that are impressive and in-demand as well as being modular and highly flexible

Sound Stage Creation

Car owners want their music to sound as beautiful in their cars and SUVs as it does in concert halls. By elevating the sound stage, every driver and passenger feels more immersed in the audio environment of their vehicle. This feature is a software solution, it requires no additional speakers or change in car speaker design.

Bass Exciter

The Bass Exciter process uses a psychoacoustic algorithm to provide a deeper and more powerful bass rendering. This advanced software feature is not just a simple equalizer. It creates the feeling of bigger better-quality bass without comprising the integrity of the original audio. It can be used in systems with or without a physical subwoofer and expertly handles percussive bass levels at all volumes including the difficult low- and mid-steps.

Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

This sophisticated feature uses state-of-the-art technology to automatically adjust the levels of a vehicle’s sound system. When drivers or passengers are switching between audio sources with different levels, like the radio, MP3 playlists or other audio materials, this feature regulates those levels automatically for maximized listening comfort.Additionally, AGC never degrades the original dynamics within the song or audio track, so the audio is enhanced, but never muddled or flat.

Speed Dependent Processing

No one wants to rush to change the volume knob every time their vehicle accelerates, and thanks to Speed Dependent Volume Control, no one has to. These immensely popular features use advanced software to automatically adjust the volume according to the car’s acceleration or deceleration.The ARKAMYS SDVC (Speed Dependent Volume Control) adapts the perceived volume depending on the vehicle speed and keeps Perceived Sound Pressure Level (SPL) constant and optimal for all passengers. ARKAMYS’ SDEC (Speed Dependent Equalizer Control) optimizes frequency rendering at all the volume steps and car speeds. The SDEC is receiving the speed information from the CAN to compensate for the masking effects of road noises.

Multichannel Upmix Management

Traditional stereo can make installed car sound systems feel dated and low-end. With the Multichannel Upmix Management feature, stereo audio is transformed into 5.1 surround sound that envelopes the passengers and driver. This cost-effective software-based solution provides the feel of cutting-edge surround sound systems using the existing built-in speakers.